Smelly tap water just let ouwhy

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   Water is indispensable in our lives something, if we can not live without water, but there are just put out when tap water smell Why? Here, together with the small series to look at it.




renovation when we have not paid attention at home plumbing materials, metal pipes, this house may live several years without replacement, non-toxic, odorless and safe. Plastic, not afraid of rust, peace of mind and cost-effective. So what is good material in the end choose? The actual situation of us say we renovated this topic. Then there is the smell just put out when tap water is Why? Here, together with the small series to look at it.


The clean water is odorless, tasteless, colorless, transparent liquid, the contaminated water will have unusual smell. Water odor main reasons: taste


(1) water, animals, plants, or propagation of microorganisms and decay generated.


(2) an organic substance in water corruption, decomposition s scent.


(3) water, such as dissolved gases: odor of sulfur dioxide (SO2), hydrogen sulfide (H2S), nitrogen-hydrogen compound (NH3) is.


(4) was dissolved salts or soil odor.


(5) into the water odor of impurities contained in industrial wastewater generated.


(6) the sterilization process the chlorine odor was added.


remind you: the water in the transportation process there will be a lot of heavy metals such as lead into the water. Long-term consumption will increase human liver, kidney burden, easily lead to liver disease, kidney, heart, nervous systems. So we have to learn some small household drinking water knowledge to improve their safety awareness, learn more tap water is safe to drink it and other issues of direct concern to this site.




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