10 healthy drinking habits keep you away from sub-health

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Once the human body water, it will cause many as dry skin, constipation, headache, hypertension, and other symptoms, these are Subhealth. How do we make it yourself away from the sub? Actually very simple, from now on to develop the following 10 healthy drinking water, good habits, these habits not only keep you safe from sub-health and disease, but also play anti-aging, and enhance the role of physical fitness.


early morning cup of boiled water, drink one day a good mood


Ancient medical proverb:. "Zhao Zhao salt, honey soup every evening" meant in the morning to drink salt water, drink at night honey water, is a good way to supplement the body of water to become a traditional health habits for physical health of people over the years. But in fact the morning should be drinking water, but salt water not suitable for drinking to get up in the morning, after saline suitable for people to drink a lot of exercise sweating fishes. Discussion


physiology of that, people not drink water dripping all night sleep, but breathing, perspiration, urinary but progress, the loss of physiological movement to spend a lot of moisture. When the morning, blood was concentrated conditions become a certain amount of time as drinking boiled water can rapidly be diluted blood, corrected hypertonic dehydration night. Drink salt water will add to hypertonic dehydration, it is prepared by adding dry mouth. Moreover, early morning is the first peak of blood pressure, the higher blood pressure will drink salt water, hazardous to health, the elderly high blood pressure is dangerous.


three minutes to boil tap water before drinking


is a good practice to drink boiled water, but not a boil water to drink. Because our tap water is chlorinated, with chlorine and residual organic matter in water binding, it will produce a variety of halogenated hydrocarbons carcinogenic compounds, chloroform and the like. Be sure to boil water when tap water first came out first followed by placing a while and then burn; water and other quick opening the lid open; Finally, to wait three minutes then turn off the water boiled, so as to allow the chlorine content of the water drops safety standards for drinking water, is the real "water."


regularly clean drinking fountains


seems to make people drink good quality drinking water, but in reality "secondary pollution" very serious. Whenever open water dispenser faucet, hear the "grunt" sound, bucket pulls out a bunch of bubbles, which is entering the air, dust and microorganisms can be brought. In general, hot and cold water tank in the bottled water dispenser for three months does not wash large population of bacteria, such as E. coli, Staphylococcus aureus. TheSo, the best cleaned once a month, two weeks summer cleaned once. Drinking fountains office because frequent use, more spare no cleaning.


reject bottled water


As used polyester bottles of water often contain material may cause chronic poisoning in humans, especially when the bottle in a high temperature environment, or not timely open the drink, harmful substances will seep water, hazardous to health. Thus, the bottled water must not heat or exposure. There may be many people like to put a water tank in the car, it is not right. Especially in summer, trunk temperature is very high, easy to harmful substances into the water. For this reason we recommend that the best comes with good quality mug or water bottle, drink plenty of water so that safe and environmentally friendly.


Do not touch thousands of boiling water


Now more and more families electric kettle, a lot of people burn a drink of water could not finish, then, repeated boil. This better not to drink thousands of boiling water. At this time there may be a lot of people worry about drinking the water thousands of boiling water is not, in fact, drinking water is not the thousands of boiling water. Because the water dispenser material restrictions, the maximum temperature of drinking water is generally about ninety degrees, reach the boiling state, not the thousands of boiling water. But the best time to drink bottled water 1-15 days after leaving the factory, once more than 15 days, too much bacteria in the water, it is not appropriate to drink.


thirsty also need water,


not to drink water to quench their thirst, but their involvement in metabolism, absorbed by the body, prolonged water shortages will increase blood viscosity, induced cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease. So, no matter thirsty must timely pay.


8 glasses of water a day


under mild weather conditions, is recommended daily minimum of 1200 ml of water, an amount of about 6 cups. If the volume of the activities, sweat more, the corresponding increase in the amount of water, and timely pay. 6 cups is the minimum amount, while others need to drink more. For example, people who drink water to relieve irritable mood, fat people drink plenty of water to keep the weight off, after exercise, after a bath also have to replenish moisture.


summer drink beverages


drinks not only would not achieve the role of replenishment to the body, but also reduces appetite, affect digestion and absorption. If you think boiled water does not taste, but also according to their physical, appropriate improvements. For example, constipation can drink honey water or juice, can promote intestinal peristalsis; Wei Han people to drink less cold green tea, herbal tea, fruit juice, warm drinkBlack tea, ginger syrup stomach.


eating salty to immediately pay


eating too salty will lead to high blood pressure, can also lead to reduced saliva secretion, oral mucosal edema, so eat salty first thing to do is to drink plenty of water , preferably water or lemonade, try not to drink sugary drinks and yogurt, because excess sugar will increase the feeling of thirst.


healthy drinking habits ten: a small amount of water before going to bed


should not drink too much water before going to bed, but can be a little sip on the two, particularly the elderly. Because when people sleeping, because the body water loss, resulting in reduction of water in the blood, blood viscosity becomes high. So drink water before going to sleep properly, blood viscosity can be reduced, thereby reducing the risk of thrombosis.



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