To grasp the essence of marketing water purifier wintis a go

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   If winter comes, can spring be far behind? After the winter, temperatures plunged, but the unusual cold weather can not stop consumer demand, therefore, the idea that water purifier sales will "freeze" of people wrong. The more sales off-season, water purification agents and dealers are even more high morale, because the method is better than more difficult, changes in marketing thinking at this time, there will still be a turning point.

   ground to promote good community

   winter time is relatively long, household water purification agents and dealers can use this time, expand community promotion or publicity tour. In addition to conventional methods allow the clerk to tackle the problems of each cell, you can also set up a targeted cells offensive.

   Today the water purifier market in its infancy, the market is more confusing. In this chaotic market, there are some successful top ten brands of water purifiers such as Anda Kang, Anda Kang as China top ten brands of water purifiers and water purifiers first national brand, since its successful landing in Shenzhen, China, will be in the water purification industry blowing a hurricane; just two or three years, it has been recognized as the industrys top ten water purifier brand; popular among consumers; it Anda Kang dealers are how markets operate it; Anda Kang tips: how to win in this chaotic market, in addition to choosing a good brand good manufacturers, but more important is the ability to stand out in the marketing method, whether practical and effective. A good water purifier marketing method determines the success or failure of your business.

   The following is a water purifier market Experience terminal operation:

   Some Ideas on the promotion of the cell

   1, the promotion of the cell time to points 8-19 weekend Yi (special weather and regional habits can adjust according to the locals) Monday through Friday 4:00 pm to seven pm is appropriate;

   2, the cell in order to promote better tent, a personal 3-5 group, need basic prototype, it is best to have a combined showcase (the latter company is considering production);

   3, install TV commercials and looping video collection of pollution data; (by the agent of TV unified purchase)

   4, parasol (or tent): community export security with sun umbrellas advertising is an ideal location, consider ways gift umbrellas, achieve advertising effectiveness;

   5, in the cell advertising: billboards advertising and is generally divided intoGrass advertising. Billboard advertising with science-based knowledge, can be considered the property in cooperation with the launch of scientific knowledge "Water and Health" column of the way, of course, to be presented to the property or the product is a part of the costs as a condition; the grass advertising, some advertising companies advertising buy, Lanzhou, for example, day celebration garden of advertising is 380 yuan / pros and cons; in addition, part of the elevator advertising, floor advertising, you can explore cooperation;

   6, residential property owners event sponsor: formal management community often organizes events such as New Years Day, Mid-Autumn Festival, may sports and other activities, they require businesses to provide activities, prizes, while businesses can get on-site advertising qualifications, can be considered part of the product as a gift, and in the field advertising promotion, because at the event, and there are some owners feel more free to understand the product, will definitely help promote the brand and product sales, contact details of each cell planning activities,

   7, the well-known real estate business alliance : Some large real estate developers, will organize a coalition of merchants, for product promotion and sales in the area of 鈥嬧€媙ew development and gain a portion of the profits, such as Vanke real estate business alliance, each region can find some of the local real estate developers look can I do the relevant cooperation and may even do buy real estate, engineering units;

   8, the district in kindergarten (or nursing home, nursing home, etc.): this is equivalent to doing public service, that is, through the gift of a water purifier to Kindergarten canteen water to cook healthier clean, so the kindergarten children will organize promotional materials to take home, can also be a way to advertise a balloon payment at the same time, if the hospital agreed to do product promotion demonstration nursery school at the time, but also Advertising can be hung in schools;

   9, for new real estate, and you can paint, flooring, tiles, cabinets, kitchen appliances category joint promotion business, do discount coupons, coupons and other promotional methods.

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