Universal health water purifi industry promising

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   water security issues worrying, water purifiers heat rising:



   With the enhancement of peoples income levels, rising propensity to consume and to enhance health literacy, peoples health awareness is growing. On the other hand, the water quality of my countrys prominent water bodies, in this case, many people gradually began to resort to the health and safety of drinking water home water purifier, home water purifier attention continues to heat up. From the Baidu search index, since 2011, water purifiers search interest rising, the growth rate remains high, heat the water purifier search is significantly higher than other small household appliances; from a sales point of view, water purifier sales a steady increase in sales volume in 2016 has been 14.51 million units.

   tend to improve industry standards, policies favorable development of the industry:

   "State Council on the new consumer actively play a leading role, accelerating the development of new supply form the new guidance power "introduced, water purifier was included in the list of green consumption, this is the first time the State Department mentioned water purifiers, but also to the way the State Department bulletin file are reflected. "Water efficiency leader action plan" released, "reverse osmosis water purifier water efficiency and water efficiency rating limit" for approval in June the same year. We have issued positive with core technology to produce high-performance water purifier outstanding enterprises of these two documents and have some effect on the regulation of the industry chaos. Policy development and introduction of standards of good water purifier industry.

   water purification industry penetration is low, the potential for huge:

   household water purifier

   Currently, the United States, Japan and other countries and Taiwan, China penetration rate has exceeded 70%, while China Mainland household water purifier has a current average rate of less than 10%. With the improvement and emphasis on water safety of residents living standards of our deepening domestic household water purifier market has more room for growth. By 2020, the market size of the water purification industry will exceed billion.

   many participants, the brand concentration is expected to increase:

   is now Chinas large water purifier market participants, with the sound water purification industry standards, institutional, Chinas water purification industry will usher in a major market reshuffle a few years in the future, in the face of some small water purifier competition for market product quality, production lines, water purification and production skills or technological innovation will be difficult, some of the water purifier brand Wupaiwuzheng no longer stop it, the market brand concentration will gradually increase. From a consumer point of view, consumers are more concerned about the after-sales service, brand water purifier and water purification effect, in this regard, some of the original sales channels, brand and strong R & D capabilities of traditional household electrical appliance enterprises have obvious advantages.

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