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   Throughout the entire water purification industry in 2018 can be said to have entered a new era of whole house water purification, each Daquan house water purifier brand shops, there are crowded, a showdown trend.

   as a whole house water purification system in the new darling of the water purifier market has attracted more and more investors added to water purification agents, although currently there is a lot the whole house water purifier brand, but the real consumers to remember in the industry and have an influence on the whole house water purifier brand not in the majority, while IMRITA Ai Mate is one of them.


   in order to survive in the pre-dawn battle, brand management is the only way. In this regard, IMRITA Ai Mate think, in this market environment Ebb Tide, whole house water purifier brand in addition to focusing on product quality and improve service, should also be timely adjustment of internal and external business development strategy, and actively layout.

   According to the relevant data show that the first half of 2017 water purifier retail sales growth rate reached 30.6%, far higher than the industry average growth rate of household appliances, the overall size of the water purifier market will continue to grow rapidly, while the full with the expansion house water purification consumer demand will also usher in a higher position in the market, but it also faces opportunities and challenges of the "new retail" to bring the whole house water purification industry.

   What is the new retail? Simple To sum up, change the marketing model is upgraded in order to meet consumer demand formed. As for the "new retail", IMRITA Ai Mate also has its own unique insights, it is the product and the user premise of each other, that is the premise to user needs as the core, continue to dig deep needs of users, to meet the whole house clean water multiple customer requirements for price, products, services, etc.

   industry experts suggest that new retail breaking the barriers of traditional electricity suppliers and retailers in the future will open up more new battlefield, if clean water manufacturers are still followed the idea of 鈥嬧€媘arketing or selling products to the past, rather than to make a change in the situation of the times, it will soon be out of the market.

   Therefore, whether water purifier water purifier manufacturers or distributors, should actively take advantage of Internet data, the rapid integration of internal and external resources, to create more opportunities for business development, for the brand to open up more market.

   (Source: Ai Mate depth whole house water purification system)

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