Water purifier markets ovall decline, the potential to becom

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   2019, water purifier market for the first time negative growth, market competition into the Red Sea period. This is because the pre-dividend disappear, affecting a combination of factors such as the purchase of real estate, water purifier market slowdown, as well as a second-tier power level market demand decreased significantly, 23 degree cultivate the market is not in place, pull the overall weak market . But the sudden outbreak since 2020, short-term harm to the market to increase, while health class appliances become another positive side in this crisis, water purifier as the most important health appliances usher in a new round of dividend market.

   panic buying influence water purifier online market in February increased significantly

   At present, the domestic epidemic under control, the economy gradually pick up. However, the market demand recovery time, in March the market is still in a deep downward. Therefore, the water purifier missed home improvement season in March and April, and the subsequent outbreak caused panic in the heart of the impact of home water purifier installed. According to Ovid cloud network (AVC) Measured data show that a quarter of the water purifier market 3.02 billion yuan, down 39.9%, compared with the scale of last year fell 20 yuan, a great impact on the market.

   In addition, because the message fecal-oral transmission of the virus, the virus parts fear stores water pollution, off line, panic affected purchasing power, become the main channel line. Online water purifier market appears substantial growth in February, but the epidemic better, residential access restrictions, consumer panic factor decreased, distribution and installation problems, March online marketing year on year growth narrowed.

   water purifier markets overall decline, the potential to become net drink machine desktop category

   affected by the epidemic, health for some time to become a decisive factor in consumer choice. During the epidemic, no contact with free installation products become popular, under this situation, the water purification industry should seek new growth points, potential layout category, expand market share and accelerate product upgrades iteration, grasp the new round of market growth .

   According to Orville cloud network (AVC) measured data, free installation net drink machine desktop circumferential line 01-11 year growth rate reached 33.2%, other faucet water filter performance is also good. This shows that enterprises should seize the pulse of market development, explore the potential category, the depth of pain points to address consumer issues, further layout of the future market, seize opportunities, greater marketShare, earned profits.

   With the control of the epidemic, the arrival of business school began to return to work, public health has become the focus of public attention at present. Commercial water purification market under the influence of this factor has a significant growth.

   In addition 2021 Year - 2022 water purifier renewal ratio began to increase, the outbreak of a new one and have added a more positive role in promoting.

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