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  Water purification system slow or no water pressure tank of water look: Tim net water purification Views: 242 Date: 2019-6-9 14:11:30 household water purifier products are widely used as a terminal in the family identity, has gradually become a home improvement will be menu items. We buy a home water purifier, there is always the concern in force on the water purifier filter, but also look at the need for additional water purification machine is equipped with pressure tank is safe. So how do you determine whether the pressure tank water purifier meet the safety standards? Today well do a drill down from the pressure tank water purifier principle, structure and other aspects of security, the convenience of our old and new water purification machines and users understand what screening pressure tank is good what is the current conventional pressure tank water purifier home water purifier will comes with a bucket-shaped jar, generally white majority, the official said the law called:?? reservoir pressure tank (tank). Since the home reverse osmosis membrane element (RO membrane) of water is slow, so that good pre-made and stored water in the bucket. This is to ensure a large amount of water demand, water purifier also avoid frequent pump work, can effectively extend the life of the water machine. How does it work pressure bucket is? When we need water, and later turned on the tap, the barrel of pure water was squeezed out of the tub to the compressed air. Reduced pressure barrel with water, the water purifier to the pressure signal at this time, the pump started to be made water tub, while elevated pressure barrel, which is controlled by the high voltage switch, and water pump off automatically when the system is stopped water, water runs out after the restart automatic water pump system. What is the safe pressure tank first:? Metal material than plastic material. On product safety, is to ensure that the product does not burst, currently available pressure barrel housing is divided into main material of plastic and metal material, plastic material by heat melt bonding together the upper and lower housing, the metal material of the upper and lower housing They are connected together by welding. Conventionally, general plastic can withstand burst pressure barrel pressure up to 2 to 3 kg, the metal pressure tank can withstand burst pressure can reach about 7 kg, the difference is very clear. The pressure barrel try to choose the former, and the plastic member with a long prone to corrosion and coking. Second: Look there NSF certification mark. RO pressure tank is also part of the water purifier, buy when we must look for the CE and NSF certified pressure tank, in order to meet the base securityThis safety requirements.

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