-Purify- the water purifier market needs mandatory industry

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   August 1, the State official and issued and implemented two new national standards for water purifiers, water purifiers which means that the official arrival of new national standard, is expected to change the current domestic water purifier market chaos. The new national standard high hopes, however fast the past month, the industry response has always been mediocre, why is there such a contrast? In the end what measures to take in order to regulate the current mixed bag of good water purifier market?


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   "purify" the water purifier market needs mandatory industry standards


   [event] water purifier industry to implement two new national standard

   from August 1, the new national standard two water purifiers by the State Administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine and the standardization Administration of China jointly issued - "household and similar general requirements for water purification device," "inner core purify drinking water for household and similar purposes - General requirements." officially began.

   The new national standard content display, before a national standard to improve the standard water purification electrical performance, specifically includes the total net amount of water purifiers, functional efficiency, noise, delay rate, regeneration rate, wastewater ratio, recovery rate, and classified according to different technologies. After a national standard for the core is a water purifier, which develop standards covering household water purifiers reverse osmosis membranes, ultrafiltration membranes, PP cotton.

   These two new GB high hopes - Some people think that consumers buy water purification equipment from the "rule-based", and has been a mixed bag of water purifier market, also will get from this "purification" the overall quality level is improved.

   [reaction] consumers, dealers awareness is not high

   Xiao Bian visited the market found that both consumers and dealers, these are currently the subject of two new national awareness is very low. Subsequently, Xiao Bian to the public in supermarkets and stores were randomly surveyed, of which more than 60% of people have concerns about water purifiers, water purifiers but for the purchase of which the reference standard or data, the vast majority of people We are unclear. "Is to look at the type of filter, as to the quality of these cartridges, we do not know ye judge, listen to sales personnel chant." The public is buying water purifiers Fung said.

   [sound] mandatory standards more meaningful

   standard of greater flexibility, a direct result of Nishajuxia market. "A few years ago, not so much water purifier brands and manufacturers. "Now in addition to water purification products have been doing business, many brands of home appliances and water heater brands have also launched a water purifier products in the market all kinds of water purification products, many of them are OEM, OEM and some from the "black workshop", cost a few hundred dollars, "transformed" has become high-priced goods of 1,000 yuan or even a few thousand dollars. such chaos occurs, the industry view both advantages and disadvantages the advantage is that it It proved that the water purifier market is a large cake, a bright future; and the disadvantages that so many brands, products, consumers buy time and no clear criteria for reference, and then buy the product quality is not found, but it was too night, hardly rights.

   in order to "purify" the water purifier market, so that consumers buy the rest assured products, require the national authorities on the one hand the introduction of mandatory industry standards, it also takes time.

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