New year new start Han Yue hoto deal with nopportunities and

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  Suddenly, it is 2015, the new year, Han Yue water purifier will also usher in new challenges and opportunities, in early 2015 Han Yue water purifier will release several new high-end water purification products, with high precision water-based machine , the implantation of automatic separation of water molecules, water safety control system board, open market in the first shot fired.

   into the high-end water purifier market is to be fast, accurate and stable, the member from the central machine, kitchen machine, pipe machine three core water purifier systems, other water purification products, faucet water filter, soft water, pure water products such as ion gradually can access.

   Han Yue after the rapid release of new water purifier, industry will be faced with such a question, namely, "opened in 2015 in South Korea launched a series of water purifiers music, whether these shares throughout the year and a sustained momentum? Or just short-lived this defeat

   product:? internally and externally, new look

   in the industry view, the face of overflowing water purification industry, coupled with strong invasion of traditional professional interbank business. purifier companies need to look at themselves, including the first complete ideological metamorphosis. Han Yue water purifier increased investment in information technology through independent research and development technology platform, product manufacturing platform, a full range of applications open trading platform efficiency speed abroad the Korean music attracted a lot of media attention, colleagues, partners. and to adopt an open, sharing, cooperation and win-win attitude. 2014 to maintain a good working relationship with the United States, 3M and other brands.

   industry believes that the United States, 3M and other international companies is the object of the Korean music should be learning, and their brands have a gene that success and they need to learn Korean music such pre-emptive, new look


   direction: pay attention users, focusing on the experience

   and hold insist pine mouth, rooted Han music media, large-scale promotion, training, marketing activities, public square, as well as in major railway stations installed in the upcoming break rocks everything free of water, such as Taiwan, are doing to prepare and pave the way for the 2015.

   future, Han Yue water purification to people-centered, to build a surrounding technology strategy industrial ecosystem, through Korean music sound technology platform, functional applications, intelligent control system construction of three major building home health, community health, health, the citys comprehensive solutions create a safe living space for the consumer. "

   In the industry view, todays Korean music technology research and development has become a sign of innovation. It is based on the outstanding performance Korean music technology, music can be one step ahead of South Korea in the water purification industry, "army to cross the river" in. In the Internet age, everything is possible, Han Yue will force smart water purification products, the whole product system are integrated into the tide of smart internet, Han Yue new, intelligent control system now "brewing" a good reputation, then 2015, will continue to thrive.

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