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   It is becoming increasingly urgent to pursue the clean air, healthy drinking water. Orville cloud network to a data released from the 2017 show "two net" market (air purifiers, water purifiers) sales continued to go higher, especially water purifier market, achieved substantial growth of 27.8%, leading the entire appliance market.

   notes that people concerned about the quality of drinking water for many years focused on commercial water purification field Ho Chak water purifier International Holdings Limited (02014.HK) (hereinafter referred to as "Ho Chak water") from last year entered the home water purifier market.


   to rent consignment

   Reporters learned that earlier in Ho Chak water purifier for large commercial customers methodology involves leasing model. The company believes, the rental model so that user loyalty and stickiness higher in the first year after installation, the following years renewal rate is very high. Under the traditional buyout model, customer resources tend to be concentrated in the hands of dealers. But Ho Chak water purifier advantage lies in its after-sales service is totally self-employed, so after years of accumulation can take full advantage of user information, including water usage, device usage.

   Ho Chak water purifier trying to lease this practice to the home water purifier market, "that is to say, our machines are, as long as the fees consumers pay to lease, so reducing equipment using the users threshold and lower operating costs. "company official told reporters.

   The company expect to send the companys rapid development through the promotion of the policy fine-tune the layout intelligent hardware and actively introduce high-end talent, etc., vigorously develop home water purifier market and find a new growth point.

   Industry sources pointed out that Ho Chak water purifier to rent consignment of the fact that the current popular mode of sharing model, had previously done so many brands, but the reason why is because the mainstream mode the difference between home users and business class user class is that the former is more a public health care such equipment, in most cases, people will therefore choose to buy. In addition, compared to the large commercial aircraft, household products and the price is also cheaper compared.

   and one from Ovid cloud network "Consumer research report" shows that most consumers choose to use water purification products, are more concerned about the quality of products such as water purifiers whether the amount of water the size, machine noise, effects and whether the purification cartridge life, the filter moreIn other words complexity and so on.

   big brands dominate

   It should be noted that sales of water purifier market, although the biggest increase, but want to get the market expansion of the dividend will not be easy. For now, the brand concentration of water purification equipment market brand head very few occupy most of the market share. Under the PRC retail monitoring from the line display, the first four of the brands market share of retail sales ranking accounted for nearly 80% of the overall market, it is highly oligopolistic market.

   and many international home appliance brands such as Bosch, Honeywell, also have to enter the industry.

   Sankei observers, nail technology founder, Major General Ding believes that with the expansion of the market, improve standards, the head of branded products, technology, service advantages will become more apparent, it is difficult oligopolistic market structure in the short term break in.

   Ho Chak water purifier trying to attract consumers through its product diversification. The company found that, in addition to the demand for drinking water purification, purification needs of todays users life began to emerge. So the company developed, covering all aspects of life, including water purifiers, water smart probe, dishwasher, smart glass, water meter and so on.

   As to how effective? Above company official said that the current main business is still in the commercial field, entering the home, we need to explore the long-term effect.

   (Source: National Grid)

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