Substandard water quality, due to impurities in the watershf

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  Substandard water quality, due to impurities in the water is the first author: Tim net water purification Views: 1249 Published: 2014-1-30 15:00:07 At present way of drinking water are based on water-based, water daily water supply equipment . Life we 鈥嬧€媍an not do without water all the time, but in recent years, about water eligibility questions are constantly being excavated, there were reports that the current domestic water pass rate of less than 50%, which makes a lot of people panic, here we look see which contain impurities water quality. Tim net experts purification, tap water contains a lot of material particles, the suspended matter can be divided into descending, colloidal substances, dissolved substances and the like. 1, suspended matter. Particle diameter of suspended solids in water of about 10-4mm particles, which is able to our eyes visible, these substances include water, sediment, algae, viruses and protozoans and the like substances which mixed with the water produced in the water turbid, thus affecting water quality. 2, colloidal substances. Diameter of about 10-4mm colloidal substances or minute particles of 10-6mm, was a collection of many molecules and ions, in general water quality natural inorganic minerals colloid is a compound of iron, aluminum and silicon containing colloidal material since the unit volume It has a surface area of, and therefore the adsorption capacity will be stronger. 3, dissolved substances. Diameter generally less than or equal to 10-6mm minute particles, mainly dissolved in water in the presence of dissolved salts of various ions and low molecular weight gases. Water is inseparable from everyday life of the material, do you want to protect the health of the water quality is not enough only to protect the environment, the current best way to improve water quality is to install water purifiers, removing the impurities in the water, so that the public health drink assured of good water.

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