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  Water purifier system is too slow too fast in the surface of the filter to be changed publishing site: www.watersz.com Published: 2018-09-15 Now, with the popularity of the domestic water purifier market, water purification technological development are becoming increasingly depth, most of the water purifier manufacturers have launched a user-friendly with a water purifier filter life prompts so that users can receive timely feedback filter replacement, effectively avoid the abnormal condition occurs drinking unhealthy water. But there are also a small number of older users early water purifier to buy, there is no filter replacement reminder of this feature, previously, at the time of purchase will patiently inform the general business user filter replacement issues before buying, but most people use for some time after not remember, actually expire filter can filter out of the water by feel, following on with a look! The water purifier filter change a Tip: fresh water is too slow diagnosis, pre-filter element or a reverse osmosis membrane (RO membrane) blocked. In the case of the same fixed conditions (pressure, temperature,), the water purifier is growing, and initially determined that the filter can be substantially blocked to be flushed by the first two directions of cis and trans, cis rinse wash is in accordance with the normal flow of water for 3-5 minutes, the aid will have to backwash backwash button marked on the water purifier, the same rinse 3-5 minutes, if the situation does not improve, we will need to contact the manufacturer for water purification cartridge replaced! The water purifier filter change Tip two: fresh water fast diagnosis, made less than an hour of a pail, this is - a reverse osmosis membrane damage, i.e. damage to the RO membrane; usually this happens instantaneous pressure caused by too much, it can not be repaired, only replaced with new contact water purifier manufacturer of RO membranes, water purifiers otherwise would completely lose filter function. At the same time, you can test yourself at home everyday tap water pressure, or the installation of water purifier inlet pressure of the pump, sealing pressure put too much damage to the RO membrane again! The water purifier filter change Tip three: diagnosis sour taste, their lifespan post carbon filter; situation like this is because many impurities bacterial filtration water purifier filter and accumulates in the filter at a time through the long cause secondary pollution of tap water. Tip We must quickly change the filter, or else water purifier to change "water" on it! The water purifier filter change Tip four: water purifier projected life time has come to 80% of the life of the filter cartridge is ideal term water purifier filter use, as we all know, the ideal and the reality is that there are gaps. In particular, we areCountry markets, vast land, water quality in each region is different, especially in our northern, not only high water hardness, pollution of surface water is much more serious than the South. So serious water pollution area, the filter did not do with such a long time. Water quality good place not suggest that you wait until the filter change was overdue. Generally, we use the time in the right filter up to 80% of their ideal life when he needs to be replaced. Note: The first time you use a water purifier, a small amount of black water outflow, wait until after dark to make the water crystal clear, and then connected to the storage tank, the need to let go twice after bucket of water storage reservoir full of water to function properly after the drink.

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