Per liter of watpurifis- strong landing CCTV began broadcast

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  Since August 22, 2016, the yuan or Group strong landing CCTV platform to further promote the yuan or brand image. By then, the yuan rise will be a new advertising image with the dealers and consumers meet.

   per liter to commercials hood, solar energy and water purification machines and other products for the demands of the whole industry chain, highlighting the strength of the yuan rise in the Groups aesthetic atmosphere, further let the Yuan rise in popularity. The intensity of the large investment per liter, to enhance their brand publicity, branding plan to achieve full-year, entered the final stage, but also the dollar rose strongly reflected in the strong national brand building, and maintenance operations.


鍏冨崌鍑€姘村櫒锛氬己鍔跨櫥闄嗗ぎ瑙嗗钩鍙?鍏冨崌鍝佺墝瀹炲姏寮€鎾? /></p><p>  <p style= CCTV in hand, the yuan or brand strength witness

   As we all know, China Central Television is the media industrys most competitive mainstream media, is the public access to information the main channel, with the "internet +" to enter the large-scale development phase, highlights the importance of brand, regardless of the platform in terms of media influence or reputation aspects, CCTV in authority, ratings and penetration are the strongest media industry platform, its brand value is difficult to match the other media.

   in accordance with the companys brand strategy planning, advertising airtime per liter from August 22 until December 31, a total of 132 days, ads aired frequency reached 660 times. Such a high frequency, high level of advertising support, the rapid increases in the yuan or brand influence, but also fully proved the strength of the brand per liter.

   Indeed, the CCTV per liter and have a long history. Since 2000, the yuan or group that is more than a set of CCTV in hand, rely on an absolute advantage CCTV platform, per liter brand has been a qualitative improvement, and by virtue of strong growth and innovation brand culture, successfully opened the star enterprise route .


鍏冨崌鍑€姘村櫒锛氬己鍔跨櫥闄嗗ぎ瑙嗗钩鍙?鍏冨崌鍝佺墝瀹炲姏寮€鎾? width=


"a corporate double speak", the highest thermal industry brand model

   Over the years, the yuan or up from the core brand values 鈥嬧€媋nd positioning, precise layout , the yuan or brand enjoys popular support. Back in 2003, the Olympic champion Chen Yanqing per liter invited portrait endorsement, 2005, the yuan rose also invited to play domestic first-line star Fan Bingbing per liter as the spokesperson, the dollar rose to become Chinas solar industrys first "one enterprise dual endorsement" mode enterprise. In 2008, he was named one of the top ten marketing events solar industry, solar industry and establish a marketing success CodeFan.

   From its inception in 1996, the yuan or has gone through 20 years, the brand of the road is also wider and wider. Per liter has gains the worlds environmental protection enterprises hundred Chinese influence, Chinese well-known trademarks, brand recommended by the World Conference in Sun City, and for three consecutive years won the brand China Gold Spectrum Award - China Solar brand leader, its brand reputation rapidly.

   and the cooperation with CCTV, at the same time will also create a good brand image, boost business transformation and upgrading and innovation development.


鍏冨崌鍑€姘村櫒锛氬己鍔跨櫥闄嗗ぎ瑙嗗钩鍙?鍏冨崌鍝佺墝瀹炲姏寮€鎾? width=


Brand occasion, CCTV platform to help dealers take off

   per liter strong cooperation with CCTV is an important measure per liter brand strategy layout, especially in the context of the industry as a whole brand awareness began to sprout, per liter of hope and professional media joined forces to bring more gains for the brand awareness and influence. In the Yuan rise further enhance the brand image, but also for the majority of dealers enrichment venture to provide new opportunities and directions.

   Specifically, the high-end brand communications platform through, so that more families understand the yuan rise, enjoy yuan rise, modern way of life for more people to provide solutions that improve quality of life. Per liter of strong landing CCTV, further channels for the brand in the national market penetration into a strong thrust to better help dealers drive sales, improve per liter electric kitchen, solar energy, water purifier market share in the market.

   depth distribution of solar energy, electric kitchen, water purification market, played multiple concentric strategy march

   per liter Solar Group depth layout, kitchen electric, water purification market, the brand has become increasingly clear map . In 2013, per liter, while maintaining the solar industry a huge advantage, using the original sound industrial chain system successfully developed kitchen electric market. In 2014, the yuan or enter the field of water purification, after more than two years of development, in clean water burgeoned. This is also an important part of concentric per liter diverse strategic layout.

   Under the new situation, the yuan or the group continue to force the kitchen electricity market, in May 2016, the yuan or the many new gas stove hood and launch new products and to market quickly, products favored by domestic customers , incoming orders, inventory once ran.

   In order to meet market demand, the yuan or expanding production scale. May 2016, the yuan or the new factory foundation stone laying ceremony was held, the total land area of 鈥嬧€?7600 square meters, a total investment of 336 million yuan. After completion, the annual output of 400,000 sets of solar water heaters, water purifier 150,000 units, 75,000 sets of integrated kitchen, gas stoves 160,000 units, 150,000 units hood, when the annual output will reach 980 million yuan.


鍏冨崌鍑€姘村櫒锛氬己鍔跨櫥闄嗗ぎ瑙嗗钩鍙?鍏冨崌鍝佺墝瀹炲姏寮€鎾? width=

   after more than twenty years of brand heritage with a market test, the yuan or decided to remain the industry leader. All along, the yuan or focus on product innovation and improve scientific and technological research and development, strengthen the ability to control quality, improve the service system, won the majority of consumer recognition and praise.

   can be expected that, as the yuan or advertising in the CCTV began broadcasting fiery, per liter Group will also usher in a new round of development again, let us witness the yuan or the brand of charm off! [123 ]

   per liter, with the sun rise!

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