Water industry, introduction of new standards

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   According to reports, China Household Electrical Appliances Research Institute and Testing Technology Research Institute Lu Jianguo said recently, "At present, China has more than 3000 water purifier manufacturers, because there is no standard, the market chaos, to the renovation of the moment must" . It revealed that AQSIQ will be officially launched in September this year, spot checks of water purifier. According to water purification experts learned that in May 2014, an increase of water purification equipment in my country reached 62%, well above the appliance industry market growth. However, behind the high growth rate is due to insufficient competition in the industry, industry standards lag, resulting in many business practitioners, products of varying quality, seriously affecting the healthy and orderly development of the industry. It is their hope that the long-awaited water purification industry really able to launch the national standard, the development of industry norms, the water purification industry toward healthy and orderly development.


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   The rise of the water purification industry is not long, low barriers to entry, high-margin temptation, characterized by high growth, the influx of a large number of companies competing water purifier industry, while further promoting the development of the market, but it also brings a series of standard questions chaos, vicious competition, while consumers are aware of these problems were the most direct. Statistical data show that online consumers Poor water purifier product rate of 6.6%. Among them, the proportion of goods Poor experience links up to 69.9%, becoming the Poor water purifier hardest hit, so people are eager to promulgate national industry standards, regulate the development of home water purifier market is not without reason.

   Recently a number of water purification industry standard has been released and will begin in November, water purifier industry-standard performance testing methods are also being developed. In addition AQSIQ will be officially launched in September this year, spot checks of water purifier. Introduction of industry standards and carry out enforcement actions, will promote the water industry landless black sheep hide, was eliminated, the majority of water purification agents and consumers who will be able to save some heart, and do not have a net What makes a good water filter, water purifiers top ten brands are what, how water purifiers top ten brands ranked issues such as too much exercise the heart.

   Finally, water purification experts said users use a water filter products, in the final analysis the core objective is to be able to have both clean and convenient ease of drinking water companies should be more in the purification rate, water flow, environmental protection , convenience exert efforts, to enhance the user experience, to provide users with more convenient and healthyKang life. Only the user experience simply by collecting, analyzing consumer demand point to improve product design, in order to allow more users willing to pay for the product, the only way to firmly occupy a place in the fierce market competition.

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