Often with good paper cups to drink water

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   we use disposable cups to drink water it, then we can discuss and often with good paper cups to drink water, please participate in our discussion.




disposable cups just looks health, convenience, product qualification rate can not determine in fact, is clean, sanitary, can not identify with the naked eye. So 2020-06-05 with everyone together to look good often use paper cups to drink water, we hope you participate in to learn more families drinking little knowledge, your health will be helpful, oh.


disposable cups hidden potential carcinogens, investigations found that the small series, some manufacturers to make cups cup look whiter, a large number of fluorescent whitening agent is added. And is this a fluorescent substance allows cells to mutate, once inside the body will become a potential carcinogen, and some unqualified cups poured into water easily deformed, and some paper cups are poor sealing, bottom of the cup is easy to water seepage, which are it is easy to let the hot water scalded hand, the use of disposable cups when you gently touch the paper cups inside, can feel above the stained thin powder, a touch of the fingers will turn white, which is typical of low-quality paper cups, very detrimental to health, so we try not to use disposable cups to drink water.


Tips: disposable cups to drink water will have harmful substances, if given the choice, it is best not to use disposable cups to drink water, if no choice, preferably mounted temperature does not exceed 70 degrees warm water, plastic the same can not hold a cup of hot water. You can not try to do.


above survey compiled by small series, we want to help. So what kind of drink cups with the most secure it, we raised the issue of small series will go through a detailed survey to give us a satisfactory answer, please be patient to wait for the results of our investigation, we are glad to serve you.




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