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If you intend to install whole house water purification system, should choose whole-house product and service providers in the house when the renovation. Hydro allow service providers and staff to make consultations * hydropower design. If you wait renovated again considering installing whole house water purification system, you need to transform the existing hydropower system, it is likely to cause problems with water and electricity systems, but also affect the appearance of the family line. Yang Electrical below just really take a look at the whole house products are water and electricity situation which required each product now!


First, the pre-filter

   among the whole house water purification system, a pre-filter * procedure, the water entering the home simple filtration, filtration rust, sediment, suspended particulate contaminants secondary pollution due to water, and the like. Serves to protect the subsequent wade apparatus! Usually prefilter inlet valve is installed in place of the total. Installation time is in the pre-filter drain fitting when installed with water.

   When the installation must be good fabric hydroelectric line, so as to reserve an outlet and a power cord. Mechanical and Electrical alert solid: Most pre-filter does not require electricity, it requires automatic power, so there will need to decide to stay without leaving outlet according to user selection of products. Moreover, some pre-filter with sewage, it is necessary to set aside a sewage outfall on the ground, in order to pre-filter the sewage directly discharged.



Second, the central water

   is the role of the central water purifier whole house water purification treatment, the prefilter filtered water quality, then a second filter, capable of residual chlorine and heavy metals in water as well as bacteria and other organic chemical removal and clean. Generally placed not far from the meter and valve, and easy to discharge water. Specific in the kitchen, the storage room, garage, balcony and garden.

   is a relatively large central water whole house equipment system considered, which have the ability to flush with automatic computer-controlled cassette requires electricity. Therefore, where the central water purifier installation, it is necessary to reserve power jack. There are central water outfall, so need to reserve water outfall. In addition real Yang Electrical Recommendations: Central Water Purifier is set mounted on the head of a bypass (parallel circuit), so water can not concentrate when water purifier fails!


Third, the central water softener

   Central softWater removal of calcium and magnesium ions, to soften water, to prevent fouling and clogging of pipes caused by damage to the equipment, to provide a more comfortable living water, such as bathing, beauty, skin protection, effectively saving the amount of detergent, softening washed laundry, bright color. The mounting position as generally central water. But mainly based on user needs to select the softened water.

   The water softener relies entirely on the pressure to work, so there is no storage tank when the water softener booster pump, the power needs. Like the central water purification machines, it also has sewage, sewage pipes need to be reserved. But it is the addition of an overflow outlet, so here outfall may need to do some rough ensure the outfall and overflow pipes can insert.



Fourth, drink straight tip


drink straight end is generally mounted below the kitchen cabinets, kitchen meet potable water. According to the requirements of different families, some of the end drink straight in parallel with the central water softener, and some series, both water reform is certainly not the same. Also drinking straight selected type of terminal is not the same, ultrafiltration water purifier does not require electricity, pure water is required electricity (also partially electricity products, such as: Connie Mystic), also determines the cabinet Do you want to leave power connector. If it is pure water, then there will be a waste pipe, so that also should be left in the kitchen drain.



Fifth, the line machine

   pipelines built-water filter assembly machine, but also in part directly after the end of the straight drinking water filtration. Pipeline machine having a cooling, heating, room temperature three kinds of water, coffee, red milk, tea drink that is hot, ie. Suitable alternative to bottled water. Usually installed at a corner position leisure living room, study, bedroom, etc., to be reserved for the inlet pipe, drain, outlet.

   The above content is the relationship between specific types of solid products Mechanical and Electrical summary of all the water circuit transformation and whole house water purification, so choose whole house water purification and water and electricity should be improved synchronization. Only Depending on the product design of water lines, in order to truly ensure the comfort of the entire family of hydropower design is reasonable and water, security.

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