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   In recent years the rapid development of the water purifier can be said that in a year of rapid growth in the appliance industry, the demand for water purifiers also increased, sales of water purifiers and water purifier manufacturers are also increasing, from sales model to the management, from development to production and promotion of mature, to the end-user results, are inseparable relationship between businesses and consumers, on the other hand who has a huge market channels, who can dominate the net development of water heater industry, the development of water purifier is not a day or two things, but a long-term healthy development of the industry matures, the industry trend has been formed, the industrys market open, the next more robust way forward, water purifiers to join the time is right.

   terminal water purifier in China has experienced more than two years of introduction, many consumers have been recognized water purifier, water purifier market to mature, but also changed from soft demand for the rigid demand , from rigid to guide consumers demand, just as television sets, refrigerators, washing machines, etc. to every family, but we also see several signals:


   a cognitive improvement of household water purifiers

   According to the relevant data show that 80% of Internet users know that water purifiers, 20% of its understanding, 5.6% of the population are using or intend to use water purifier . In addition more than 80% of the people are not satisfied with the current water quality, 40 percent of bottled water is not satisfied, 90% of people think that drinking water purifier is the future trend of drinking water from bottled water to tap water, and then straight drinking water, drinking Chinese households will enter the era of reform.

   Second, water purification products and reasonable price trend

   to fierce market competition in recent years, thousands of different water purifier water purifier brand manufacturers together positive, negative impact on the market, hundreds of thousands of water purifier practitioners, vigorously promote the development of the water purifier market, from luxury to early people now necessities, the price from tens of thousands to a thousand now, a few thousand dollars, but also to intense price competition net water is closer to the mass consumer market.

   Third, the full range of water purifiers, intelligent personality

   water purification products from diversification into the mainstream focus, water purification industry mainstream products increasingly clear, clean water current health mainstream market, consumers are more and more attention to the quality of drinking water, household water purifiers become rigid consumer goods, as well as personalized custom water more and more popular.

   Fourth, low investment and high return; water purification agents joined ripe

   peoples growing demand for water purifier and water purifier market is gradually maturing, growing scale water purifiers, are hailed as the twenty-first century home appliance industry, the last piece of cake, then the water purifier what brand? agent water purifiers need to have some knowledge of the water industry, water purification industry for the development, classification and technical principles have water purifiers better understanding, especially for consumer demand for water purifier brand, or agents to join the support status. Finally, field trips water purifier manufacturers and products, learn more about joining agent and after-sales policy and product management, multi-disciplinary study.

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