The importance of healthy drinking water

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   We all know that water is an essential element of the human body, people can not eat one day, but not one day without water, the following Xiaobian take a look at the importance of healthy drinking it.




is the largest body of water content of the material, accounting for about 60% to 70% of the adult body weight, blood in the water most of the matter is, our muscles, lungs, brain, etc. tissues and organs also contain a lot of water, drinking water just how healthy it? Truly effective method of drinking water, refers to the breath (about 200-250 mL) drinking a full glass of water so far, and not just drink two will be considered, this way can make the body absorb real use, the importance of healthy drinking water are what does?


1, treatment of colds


every cold and they will hear doctors nagging:! Drink plenty of water ah sentence doctors orders for flu patients is the best prescription. Because when people, when a fever, the body for self-protection function of the response itself cooling, then there will be sweating, shortness of breath, skin, increased evaporation of water to speed up the metabolic performance, then you need to add a lot of water , the body will have called thirst performance. A lot of water not only promotes sweating and urination, but also help regulate body temperature, prompting the body of bacteria and viruses rapidly excreted.


2, treatment of heart disease


If you are a bad heart who can cultivate the habit of a glass of water before going to bed, which can prevent vulnerable in the early morning, like angina, myocardial infarction such diseases. Myocardial infarction and other diseases due to high blood viscosity caused. When people sleep, due to sweating, the bodys water loss, resulting in reduction of water in the blood, blood viscosity becomes very high. However, if the drink a glass of water before going to bed, it is possible to reduce blood viscosity, reduce the risk of heart attack. So a glass of water before going to bed, but a glass of Water of Life Yeah.


3, to treat fever


We are speaking here of fever, is when you say strenuous exercise, sudden rise in body temperature, a lot of sweat. This time people will feel tired, and proper drinking water is the most urgent health care. Water can adjust the normal cycle of blood and tissue fluid, dissolved nutrients, so that regeneration is supplied, dissipate heat, regulate body temperature, increase endurance. But note that: a very taboo violent campaign pay, such as breath drink two bottles of drinks, whichSamples will further increase the burden on the heart, so the movement to intermittent, small mouth pay is appropriate. The pre-exercise replenishment is very good maintenance program.


4, treatment of constipation


plagued many people constipation, constipation simple reason can be summarized as two points, a stool is no water in vivo, the other is not excreted intestines and other organs force. Address the first reason to find out the cause, drink plenty of water daily to address the second cause temporary prescription you can drink several gulps of saliva, swallowing pay attention to the action to be faster, so that water can reach into the drink as soon as possible colon, stimulate the intestinal peristalsis and promote defecation.


want to drink water to alleviate constipation by then, to remember to drink plenty of water, breathing, not small mouth small mouth to drink, otherwise it will be too slow speed of the water, the water is easy to be absorbed in the stomach out , and finally excreted urine is formed.


5, can be reduced fat water half an hour after a meal


The bodys metabolic needs enough water can be successfully carried out, in vivo, many chemical reactions are carried out in water as a medium, the body digestive function, endocrine functions need water, metabolites of toxic substances have to rely on water, so drink plenty of water can ensure adequate water in the body, to avoid gastrointestinal dysfunction. After drinking a glass of water half an hour after a meal can strengthen the bodys digestive function, help to maintain the body.


household drinking water Tips: Drink plenty of water during the day and night should be the average of principle, do not drink too much water in a row in a single hour. Xiao Bian remind you before bedtime drink less, drink plenty of sleep is also correct in principle after drinking, because drinking too much water before going to bed, can cause swollen eyelids, and nocturnal enuresis, so sleep quality is affected. And after a night of sleep, loss of body water, about four hundred fifty milliliters, morning need to replenish, so the morning after getting a cup of water fasting beneficial blood circulation, and promote brain awake.




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