Soft water leaking in the basement area of ​​100 square m

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2 meters deep water, several hundred thousand dollars in water floating property. This scene is not the flood struck, but rather in the basement of a public house. Caused by "flood" culprit suspected leaking water softeners, and manufacturers and dealers are authorized to whether the grounds of passing the buck. So far, two and a half months later, compensation, service is still not the slightest progress.


October 29, 2013, it has returned to the public within Orange County is located in Xiaotangshan garden of the villa and found the basement entrance has been completely submerged in water. After more than five hours of continuous pumping, repair personnel was able to enter.


She has said basement over the water area of 鈥嬧€媋bout 100 square meters. Water depths of up to two meters. Basement and storing wine, artwork, mahogany furniture and other damage, valuation of about several hundred thousand dollars.


was the master repair participate Song told reporters, a pipeline inspection found Taiwan and USA EcoWater water softeners produced by the leak.


EcoWater companys after-sales manager Chen Chun confirmed, She home water softeners leaking indeed caused. But the device is not EcoWater authorized dealers and installation due to installation problems, resulting in poor drainage of the machine caused by normal faults.


She has thought he did not find an authorized dealer installation is the main reason causing the problem, so the compensation should not be the responsibility of the EcoWater company.


responsible for sales, installation of Beijing Otto Dade company, a manager surnamed Meng called, She has the equipment was purchased in 2007, and after 2009 to be renovated villa is complete before installation. In 2007, they indeed authorized dealers EcoWater, only in 2008, when it lifted the licensing relationship. But it has purchased the product in 2007, she would automatically become a user of water softeners. Due to inability to judge the quality or use of, therefore, the issue of compensation is hard to say, but will cooperate She has been in consultation with the manufacturer.


this morning, Zheng Hongtao Beijing Minco attorney law firm said, according to the law, if a product installation problem, whether authorized dealers should bear the primary responsibility, not associated with the vendor.


and if it is quality problems, then regardless of whether to authorize the installation, manufacturers are to blame. Three parties need to negotiate to resolve and concrete reparation.


Therefore Zheng lawyers suggested, She needs as soon as possibleWater softener accident were identified to determine the cause of the accident, in order to confirm the responsible party to claim compensation.



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