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   HC purification network either health or recuperate the human body is like a sophisticated machine, if not usually maintenance, so great age, will be crippling, when it comes to health, Chinese people will emphasize drink plenty of water, drink plenty of water, in fact, pure water and You can not bring a lot of benefits for the body, what really healthy, minerals and other trace elements is water. Of course, in addition to white water, our people also particular about tea.

   easy to drink tea tea is difficult, especially some tea tea, not only to bubble, but also to cook, even harder, there is not a product able to quickly and easily solve the difficult problem of tea it? There ...... Lycra mini water purification health pot ......


   commonplace out of the box:

   different kettle of this regimen net packaging and general electronic products, shorter height, but long larger width, the package is opened the respective components of the products. This product uses the split design, comprising a filter kettle, base, water bottles, stainless steel cup, filter, slow cooker, everything described dual flow filter.


   Dunzhong glass with a transparent material to facilitate observation of the process of cooking, stew easy to grasp the furnace.

   spacer tea is the use of stainless steel, the overall brightness, but with a long time whether scratches affect the appearance, open to question. Cup head small, to tell the truth, I really did not think such a small cup with a cup of tea, but tea usually put across is good, but also the value of Yen online.


   assembled filter kettle small man, or even a relatively small, high overall color value, net kettle is left, it is necessary to mention that the net Lycra hot water technology available in the market as much as Pitt Zander. Therefore, this filter kettle is not fun looks so simple.


   talk of the Bank, in the end how health:

   The water purification Lycra mini health pot has a "boil water, tea, black tea, green tea, fruit tea, hot milk, birds nest "seven modes Alternatively, the bottom is a start switch, including water, function keys, buttons and insulation, do not look small size, featuresIt is relatively wide, covering most of the tea market. Gently tea into several compartments tea, tea compartment cover is attached to the clamping, the tea was sealed in a small compartment which tea, tea septum cap directly into the inner bottle, tap water, tea slowly injected into water, further, water injection can be rotated 180 掳, to facilitate pick kettle.


   cooked a pot of tea, the water injection tube nudge, slowly into the cup, a pot of tea was born. This mini health pot body net kettle after leaving the base, the base immediately goes into protection mode, when put the kettle on again, the current operating base can remember, no need to choose again.


   can see that after brewed tea Tang Qingliang, in actual tasting, Lycra this mini water purifier good health pot of tea in the aroma of red spread out, but It retains the aroma of tea, so tea is much more convenient and easy.


   talk about other features:

   This mini health pot clean water not only be able to complete a good traditional black tea brewed green tea, it is also the most amazing complete nectar cooking, the fruit clean, simple cuts thrown into the teapot, slowly cooked, before long, a pot of tea was born.



   The Lycra mini health pot can help us work permits in high-intensity, simple, easy and quick cooking a pot of tea, comes net kettle can help us quickly brewed a pot of tea in the subsequent clean-up process, I found Lycra mini water purification health pot is very easy to clean, wide-mouth design can easily go hand-in-depth, rapid completion of cleanup.



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