User demand is king of the era purifi companies need to comp

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   Today, sales promotion product is no longer follow the "USP" theory, but rather who can be emotional exchange with consumers, who can win the favor of consumers, especially now that the Internet era, also contributed to the traditional they manufacturing innovative production and marketing management philosophy. Only conversion from enterprise users thinking to thinking in order to deal with the fierce market competition.




user needs as the king of the era purifier companies need to take advantage of the completion of the transition (Photo from Internet)

   is the value of the product users reflect the personality of the

   living in the Internet era of water purifier business, how depth understanding of product value? this problem, the industry has used to describe the iceberg theory that the value of the product of the Internet age is the users personality reflect the users personality is like an iceberg at sea, we can see only one-eighth of the sea, under the sea but also hidden seven eighths and one-eighth of the domination and influence of the sea. Product value delivery aspects of the front desk, which is visible on the sea part, its value is limited; product value creation aspects of the background, under the sea is not visible part, its value is infinite.

   water purifier manufacturing enterprises to achieve the transformation

   production and management practices specific to the water purifier business, the nature of the Internet thinking is that internal company analysis and interpretation, workshops, industrial chain connectivity issues, rethink how companies implement refined management, job mobility, production collaboration, to further build low-cost, high efficiency, fast innovation of core competitiveness.

   Manufacturing is linear pattern in the past, products need to design, select materials, and then enter the production process, this is a long process. In the global Internet era and global competition, manufacturers have no more time and money to do that, in order to better and faster to get things done more efficiently, must allow more people to get involved, to participate in the Innovation and collaboration platform and come.

   allows users to participate in the product design process to

   water purifier business best production sales model is that, through careful study of the user to build a new system fully optimized product design, transition from product design to achieve business thinking to the user mode of thinking. Based on each piece produced such a system, water purifier companiesProduct designer is no longer done alone, but allow users to participate depth, in order to effectively address the natural conflict between the individual needs of large-scale manufacturing and industrialization. This is the iceberg theory of value products, allowing users to participate in product design, which is to "hidden under the sea seven eighths" involved in the design, because they dominate and influence the "one-eighth of the sea."

   water purifier companies that treat this ideal into reality, natural wisdom beads in hand will be able to form a unique and exclusive advantages, and this is the challenge facing the transformation of the Internet can make to the most successful Reply.

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