Water purifier market ushed in the golden piod of developmen

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   Currently, the smart TV, air conditioner, a thermostat, lighting, water, etc., the smart home system considered standard. Compared with the conventional home appliances, the appliances water POU means to market new favorite. Especially with intelligent monitoring of water quality, filter life reminders of home water purifier functions, have the opportunity to become one of the future smart home essential goods. In fact, the modern requirements for health drinking water have grown stronger, from traditional tap water, bottled water, and now the water purifier, water and other, that reflect changes in consumption patterns.




water purifier market ushered in the golden period of development of professional advantage will continue to highlight (Photo from Internet)

   water purifier market ushered in the golden period of development [ 123]

   If the tap water, bottled water is the water appears to solve the convenience, POU, it is a reflection of consumer demand for higher-quality drinking water. At present, enterprises, as well as a large proportion of households use bottled water, but the water itself and barreled problem of secondary pollution, has been criticized by the market gradually. Technically, POU used there are two main techniques, i.e., ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis (RO) technology. Ultrafiltration techniques filtration accuracy 0.01 m, the water can filter large particulate matter, bacteria, viruses, and other microorganisms, having a large volume of water, water and high recovery rate, ordinary water can be used as everyday. RO membrane filter pore size of reverse osmosis technology used is 0.0001 micron, which means superior filtering capabilities, in addition to the above filter material, but also can filter the smaller metal ions, the water reaches the water standards. Technology

   reverse osmosis drinking water terminal is currently being widely used

   technology matures, bring the markets rapid development, the industry is entering a golden period of development. PRC, according to statistics, in 2014 China water purifier retail market reached 16 billion yuan, an increase of about 69% over the next six years, growth is expected to exceed 40%. The current low water purifier market industry concentration, the number of existing brands more than the size of more than 3,000. In terms of sales, the top three industries accounted for less than 5%. Again on the water purifier penetration rate point of view, European and American countries as high as 75%, while my countrys current first-tier cities are less than 15%. So, by the potentially high growth is expected to attract funds in recent years have vied end water purifier market. Many companies use their own brand or own R & D, or the introduction ofForeign technology, long into the water purifier market for many years. Traditional professional water purification company, in terms of upgrading the product also spared no effort. A-share market, many companies are beginning to enter the home water purifier market.

   will continue to highlight the advantages of professional

   As the current water purifier market is still in the stage of steady growth, the small blind get together brand is difficult to avoid, but the difference is very obvious technical, professional and technical advantages brand is bound to gradually become mainstream, the future of industry concentration will continue to increase.

   A company on the Hong Kong stock market is beginning to get involved in commercial water purifier market, after years of effort, the segments market share has more than 5%, as the industry leader. The company mainly through the commercial market sales model + leasing services, develop customer by the authorized dealers, the company is only responsible for professional service. This model fits perfectly the companys early partial technical innovation enterprise qualities, can spend more effort in R & D above. In 2014, the company entered the domestic terminal water purifiers, using the brand after the commercial area, which quickly opened the market.

   in water purification technology, all brands all show their skills, for water purification market brand companies, return to the origin is the product, and in the field of water purification, the final competition will return to the product, but if to be on the core competitiveness of future water purifier brand, Xiao Bian think it will be how much the brand has a number of customers. Water purification products are not talking about who have money, who has a number of strong channels, but the number of installed users. This will be the future of competition in the field of water purification final cards.

   Overall, the current size of the water purifier market potential has not yet been explosive release, its capital market is not high degree of concern, but the rapid growth of the industry with a bright future, if deployed in advance, the expected return is not inevitable vulgar. (Source: HC purification network)

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