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   As early as 2014, my country formally established domestic sewage treatment in rural areas, "small target": As of 2020, all villages in the country basically completed lavatories and black water treatment. There are three years, this goal can be completed? January 18, Zhao Hui, chief economist of the Ministry of Housing responded to the concern of the community in the State Council Information Office press conference. By 2016, the countrys rural sewage treatment rate reached 22% in the past five years, an increase of 4 times. Yes, "22% is actually relatively low, but faster." Zhao Hui said.




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   as one of the important sectors of the rural ecological environment, rural sewage treatment industry has been concerned. In recent years, our country has always vigorously promote rural sewage treatment, in August 2016, had made it clear in the Office of the State Office issued the "Opinions on the establishment of a standardized national test area of 鈥嬧€媏cological civilization", with effect from 2016, in rural areas sewage three years to enhance special operations, according to local conditions to promote rural sewage treatment.

   However, including washing, bathing and kitchen waste water and human, animal and poultry manure wastewater, including sewage in rural areas, due to the geographically dispersed, the larger the population, the collection is difficult and other reasons, long-term disorderly discharge state, an important cause of water pollution in rural ecology, governance imminent. As rural sewage treatment and garbage treatment are very different, garbage treatment does not require a lot of new facilities, because most of the citys existing waste disposal capacity can consumptive rural garbage. It is estimated that by the collection, transport, processing mode, waste disposal need to spend 55 yuan per person per year in rural areas.

   Sander Group founder Wen Yibo said, "After several years of exploration and development, technology is no longer the moment hamper the development of Chinese rural sewage, really missing is supporting policies, the regulatory system, financial subsidies, technology assessment and professional talents. " In fact, compared to the 60% treatment rate of garbage in rural areas in 2016, gaps in rural sewage treatment facilities, high construction costs, governance should enhance the rate, it must take a long time. Sewage treatment facilities energy issues are becoming increasingly more attention. As rural small-scale sewage treatment facilities, tons of water treatment units tend to have higher power consumption. Currently a typical biological wastewater treatment in rural areasTechnology, unit power consumption several times in the municipal sewage treatment.

   village sewage treatment market space is huge

   In sharp contrast with the rural sewage treatment short board, the future market size of the industry space. "Thirteen Five" period, rural sewage treatment will continue to be the focus of ongoing policy direction. Institutions predict that the average rural sewage treatment facilities construction cost of about $ 10,000, according to the current nationwide there are about 160 million sewage treatment to measure not only the scale of investment in new facilities corresponding to up to 1.6 trillion yuan. According to another report, and telecommunications networks, according to incomplete statistics, in 2016 my country rural areas sewage treatment industry output value is expected to more than 40 billion yuan in 2020 is expected to more than 80 billion yuan, while in 2025 or more than 130 billion yuan, a huge market space.

   According to "Guangming Daily" reported that the current strategy of rural sewage treatment adopted a focus on promoting, the advancing. In economically developed areas, populated areas, environmentally sensitive areas must be required rural sewage treatment; and most rural areas, the 2020 target is to have comprehensive rural Blackwater Governance: "The main approach is to toilets, the sewage into fertilizer . in this case, the most heavily contaminated water in rural areas can get the full treatment. "Zhao Hui said that such household spend just a little more than 1000 yuan.

   At the same time, facilities planning, after build, construction management have not heavy construction, light running. Among the many people in the industry view, because most rural areas, limited financial resources, together with the relevant sewage treatment facilities generally smaller, scattered distribution, it is difficult to ensure that development is the subject of maintenance professionals seamless coverage. Some technological means is also expected to help improve the efficiency of operation and maintenance of sewage treatment in rural areas. Senior Engineer Department of Environmental Protection Science and Technology Department of Zhejiang Province Hu Zhifeng pointed out, it is important to on-line monitoring of sewage treatment facilities run by the state to monitor. Obviously, the equipment and facilities of low operating costs, low management difficulty, party facilities running smoothly in order to allow re-hwan clear spring.

   Although long way to go, but wish to look forward to, through continuous innovation governance path, rural sewage treatment will usher in a new round of development opportunities. (Source: China Environmental Online)

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