Water treatment industry boom continues to riseohe developme

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   in the first half, water environment management industry in our country continues to stabilize the main features of the rising trend for the better, the whole industry chain showed growth picked up, volume expansion and new momentum to accelerate and so on. Analysis of the industry generally believe that China kept rising flood the market development trend, the trend is becoming more apparent outbreak of inflection, water environment management professional, and comprehensive service enhancements, especially the water environment governance highlights the growing market segment, taking advantage of changes in supply and demand driving into the fast lane.


   water treatment industry boom continues to rise

   into the development of industrial pollution highlight

   water treatment to make the water meet specific environmental and back with the use of, water quality control by physical, chemical and biological means to remove or add some of the production, no water or living environment and material needs of the whole process. At present, according to sources and sewage treatment approach, our water treatment can be subdivided into the original water treatment, industrial water treatment, industrial wastewater treatment, comprehensive treatment of municipal sewage treatment and water environment.

   Industrial Enterprises wastewater treatment because of cost considerations, it produces a large number of water circulation through the use of different agents, specialized equipment and technical purification process, part of the outer row, in an industrial process multiple internal links. Sewage dispersion due to the emission source (emission body mostly office and home environments), and therefore more concentrated in the sewage treatment plant for processing. And for sewage gathering of rivers, lakes and other water bodies polluted by the comprehensive management of water environment, through the comprehensive management of landscape meet environmental requirements, while improving the environmental quality of urban living.

   of water rising. With the advance of industrialization and urbanization process, improve living standards, my countrys per capita water consumption showing an overall growth trend. 2002-2015, my countrys annual per capita water consumption increased to 445.09 cubic meters of 429.50 cubic meters. The total amount of waste water has continued to rise, 2001-- 2015 emissions of 43.3 billion tons of waste water / year increased to 73.532 billion tons / year compound growth rate of 3.85 percent. Wastewater contains large quantities of pollutants, resulting in a serious impact on water supply and environment, further exacerbating the shortage of water resources, the importance and urgency of the water environment governance has been increasing.

   In recent years, the grim situation of my countrys water resources, the state has introduced a number of environmental policiesPromote the improvement of environmental quality of water, we continue to increase investment in water pollution control. 2010-2015, the amount of financial expenditure in the field of prevention and control of water pollution from the 36.487 billion yuan increased to 53.461 billion yuan rapid CAGR of 7.94%. Our sewage treatment capacity is growing. By the end of 2015, the urban sewage treatment capacity of 125 million tons increased from 182 million tons in 2010, becoming one of the worlds largest sewage treatment capacity of the country.

   In addition, treatment of sewage infrastructure is rapidly advancing. Over the past decade, the number of urban sewage treatment plant of rapid growth in 2005 - by the end of 2015 my countrys urban sewage treatment plants increased from 764 to 6910, an increase of nearly 8 times. As of 2015, Chinas urban sewage treatment capacity has reached 217 million cubic meters / day, urban sewage treatment rate reached 92%, the county sewage treatment rate reached 85%, urban sewage treatment facilities basically completed the construction of the country second five planning objectives.


   stage of industrial water is generally low, lack of industrial enterprises to develop wastewater treatment intrinsic motivation. Future prices of industrial water continues to rise (especially in water-scarce areas part) and water treatment cost reduction, will lead to industrial wastewater treatment by the enterprise, "mentioned standard passive" to "active water conservation and water reuse." Policy, market factors are the development of two-wheel drive water treatment industry, my countrys industrial wastewater treatment market space will be very promising.

   As Chinas industrialization and urbanization progress, Chinas urban sewage treatment capacity rapid growth, an increase of 10.144 billion tons in 2004 to 53.52 billion tons in 2015, a CAGR of 16.32%; sewage treatment capacity by the rural 520 million cubic meters increased to 7.895 billion cubic meters, a CAGR of 28.05%.

   the next level of urban sewage treatment rate will be increased dramatically, greatly boosting the sewage treatment market. According to "" Thirteen Five "national urban sewage treatment and recycling facilities construction plan," to the end of 2020, to achieve full coverage of urban sewage treatment facilities. Urban sewage treatment rate reached 95%, which the city level and above built-up areas essential to achieve full collection, full treatment; county not less than 85%, of which the eastern region and strive to reach 90%; 70% of towns, which strive to Midwest 50%; Jingjinji, Pearl River Delta etc.Area completed one year ahead.

   By the end of 2020, cities and counties recycled water utilization further improved. Beijing, Tianjin and not less than 30% of urban water recycled water utilization rate is not less than 20%, and other cities and counties will try to reach 15%. "Thirteen Five" period, new sewage treatment facility size 50.22 million m3 / day. Among them, cities officially 28,560,000 m3 / day, the county 10.71 million m3 / day, towns 10.95 million m3 / day.

   With the continued growth of my countrys economic size, the larger the total amount of industrial water, resulting in greater pressure on my countrys water environment. Pending the amount of industrial waste continues to increase at the same time, the water quality will become increasingly stringent emission standards, environmental protection and regulatory policies further strengthened. According to Ministry of Environmental Protection, "National Environmental Statistical Bulletin (2015) year", the national total 73.53 billion tons of wastewater discharge. Among them, 19.95 billion tons of industrial waste water discharge, sewage emissions towns 53.52 billion tons, of which industrial wastewater emissions accounted for more than up to 27.12%.

   Chinas vast territory, with the larger absolute number of freshwater resources, but the per capita fresh water resources are relatively scarce and uneven geographical distribution of presents, the countrys per capita fresh water resources have about equivalent to the world average of 1 / 4, the world No. 109, is one of the most meager per capita water resources in 13 countries around the world. After 50 years of development, my countrys desalination industry has experienced technical research and development, industrialization phases, is entering a stage of industrial development and application.

   "2015 National water use report" shows that as of the end of 2015, China has built 121 desalination projects, water production scale of 1,008,800 tons / day, the largest seawater desalination project scale of 20 tons / day . Currently the major desalination reverse osmosis and low temperature multi-effect distillation desalination technology, the cost of water production 5- to 8-membered / ton. By the end of 2015, the national application of reverse osmosis technology project 106, accounting for 87.60%. With the goal of reaching desalination, desalination membrane technology in accordance with a large proportion of applications, membrane water treatment market prospects will be very broad.

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