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   October 10, 2018, held by the China National Hardware Association organized the Third China National Hardware Association standards conference, held at the Shanghai International Exhibition Center. Industrial and Consumer Goods Industry Secretary, Ministry of Information GAO Yan Min, China National Hardware Association executive director Zhang Li, Peoples Government of Guangdong Province Xinxing County deputy magistrate Censhu De and other leaders attended the meeting. Meeting, Secretary-General of the National Standardization Technical Committee Liu Runfeng hardware chaired by the vice chairman of the China Hardware Association.


   It is understood that China National Hardware Association standards organizations in this release of a total of six, are "gas appliance installation maintenance worker occupational skills standards", "Kitchen Wisdom General Technology conditions ", stainless steel cookware," "stainless steel faucet drinking water", "cental", "fire and gas threaded ductile iron pipe."

   According to reports, the group served as the standard in this release are the main drafter of the industry leading enterprises in the standardization work has been at the forefront of the construction industry, in the process of standard-setting organizations had played a crucial effect.


   Industrial and Consumer Goods Industry Secretary, Ministry of Information GAO Yan Min said in his speech to the standard release of highly positive. Group fully reflect the industry benchmark standards, reflect the characteristics of the industry. From 2015 to this year, the central ministries have the strong support of the following organizations to develop standards organizations, social organizations to respond positively, standardization system in China has entered a new period. 2015, the State Council issued the "deepening Standardization Program for Reform", the State Administration of Quality Supervision, the National Standardization Management Committee formulated and promulgated the "Guiding Opinions on the cultivation and development community standards", and with effect from January 1, 2018 the formal implementation of the new revised "Peoples Republic of China standardization law", are designed to foster the development of standards bodies, play a decisive role in the standardization of market allocation of resources, accelerate the construction of the new national standards.



Industrial and Consumer Goods Industry Secretary, Ministry of Information GAO Yan Min

   According to reports, the six groups in this release of the standard, the main technical indicators have reached the international advanced level, some key indicators beyond the EU, there are some indicators of similar standards at home and abroad to fill the gaps, to seize the commanding heights of industry competition.



China National Hardware Association executive director Zhang Li

   China National Hardware Association executive director Zhang Li said the State Council pointed out that lack of standards for the aging of "deepening the reform of the standardization work program" in lag, difficult to meet the economic needs of quality and efficiency upgrades, slow standard update rate, the overall level is not high, it is difficult to support economic transformation and upgrading and development of quality problems, in recent years China National Hardware Association actively with enterprises jointly select market high degree of technological innovation active area of 鈥嬧€媝roduct categories standard more, foster the development of community standards, has achieved good results, released by the China National Hardware Association home with two groups of standard buffer of concealed hinges, etc., also last year nominated for the Ministry of Industry standard group demonstration projects list. We can say that China National Hardware Association has developed and released the forefront in terms of community standards.


   In developing the community standard hardware field, in order to improve the standard of market competitiveness, the Association adhere to the "high and new, fast" principle. High, is the highest level reflect the industry leader in the industry play a role, and continue to promote the upgrading of the level of the entire industry; new, is simply more use of the latest technology, even in the future to be ahead of the high-tech industry as a whole to serve the consumer person; fast, refers to the use reflected in the most efficient way, with the fastest speed to be applied to the industry. Community standards only in conjunction with the development needs of the industry, meet the technical requirements of the highest level, in order to maximize the advantages of community standards in order to serve the consumer in the widest range, to lead the development of the industry. Currently, the association has been widely carried out in the kitchen, construction, locks, tools, zippers and other areas of revision of community standards, and effectively for the hardware business and consumer services, to lead the hardware industry technology development, accelerate the implementation and application of standards, Hardware upgrade the quality, improve product quality and consumer experience, to create an international benchmark for quality made in China. Standards must be applied on the ground chain, in order to exert its effect. China National Hardware Association in the development of community standards always adhere to the development of the industry to seize the hot spots and difficult to solve the most sensitive consumer pain points, highlights efforts to shape the development of the industry, to ensure that standards bodies can really play a role in the development of the industry.

   conference the same day, on behalf of the drafting unit, responsible for well-known brands, industrial associations representativeAnd news media from around the country nearly a hundred people gathered to witness the introduction of the standard six groups.

   standard name: "gas appliance installation maintenance worker occupational skills standards" community standard

   Main drafting unit: Guangdong Macro Gas Appliance Co., Ltd., Guangdong million and the new Electric Co., Ltd., Shunde, Foshan City, District gas Appliances Chamber of Commerce,

   the standard is the first group of light industry standard staff positions in the field of vocational skills. Face disorderly installation and maintenance market, proposed by China National Hardware Association led "gas appliance installation maintenance worker occupational skills standards" right time, and with a very significant demonstration effect. It is expected to break long plagued the gas industry "installation and maintenance of disorder" problem. Installation and maintenance of gas appliances in our profession is a vacancy in jobs, lack of maintenance and installation of unlicensed private professional installation and maintenance personnel to safe operation of gas appliances directly bring potential problems, it is currently the gas with frequent accidents the reasons for the development of standards to improve the inadequate gas appliance installation maintenance man, a leading domestic level. This standards on the one hand can regulate gas appliance installation and maintenance of market order, on the other hand defined the necessary conditions and capabilities of employees. This tool for the promotion of gas products and establish a good image of domestic gas appliance market brands to meet consumer demand for upgrading of great significance.

   standard name: "Smart Kitchen General technical conditions" community standard

   Main drafting unit: Haier wisdom Kitchen Appliance Co., Ltd.

   Haier wisdom of relying on comprehensive family landed in the country and One person alone mode guidance, together with China national Hardware Association and other authoritative bodies, common wisdom for the status of domestic kitchen and prospects explore the development of "smart kitchen General technical conditions" standard, from the stove, hood, refrigerator, toaster and other kitchen electric the level of product innovation and technology hardware double protection and constraints for the industry standardization of wisdom cooking. Haier kitchen appliances for wisdom cloud aspect involved, wifi, radio, audio, servers, etc., through things together function unified platform, the smart range hood, disinfecting cabinet intelligent, smart electric oven, intelligent gas stoves, refrigerators and other smart kitchen appliances together organically, constructed with a kitchen wisdom, humane function, in order to meet the needs of modern fast-paced to the wisdom of life. Complete sets of kitchen wisdom cloud electric kitchen, for example, interconnection of culinary wisdomScene as a standard kitchen wisdom "model." Haier kitchen wisdom can identify people into the kitchen, and the owner of any information required to be displayed on the display screen in the kitchen, and synchronized with family travel plans, such as transportation routes, the local temperature, meetings planned, lunch suggestions. Meanwhile, Haier U + APP can be controlled oven temperature, cooking time, different ingredients preset mode and the like. In this regard, the industrys domestic and foreign experts have said can wisdom kitchen equipment, terminal services, architecture, and only serve to make Haier scene so clearly required. "Smart Kitchen GM technology" standards at home and abroad to lead the industry into a more mature ecological wisdom kitchen, accelerated iterative upgrade products to meet the individual needs of users of the new era.

   standard name: "stainless steel cookware" community standard

   Main drafting unit: stainless steel Xinxing County Chamber of Commerce, Guangdong MasterCard Thai Group Co., Ltd., Guangdong Ling Feng Group Co., Ltd.

   "stainless steel cookware" group is the subject of the development of stainless steel tableware and kitchenware in accordance with domestic and international standards development, research the technical level and quality of downstream enterprises and supporting stainless steel tableware and kitchenware industry, and foreign brands of high-end customers for stainless steel cookware requirements, combined with market and end consumer demand for stainless steel cookware. "Stainless steel cookware," the publication and implementation of the norms and the upgrading of domestic stainless steel cookware manufacturing quality and technical level, to lay a good foundation for the rapid development and growth of stainless steel kitchenware industry, leading the development of the industry, stainless steel kitchenware industry to enhance domestic and international discourse right, to promote the development of local and regional brand enterprises "going out" to provide a good start. Enhance product quality through high standards of strength, stainless steel kitchenware started the "China-made quality" brand, global stainless steel kitchenware wins the high-end market.

   standard name: "stainless steel drinking water faucet" standards groups

   Main drafting unit: Liaoning Supor bathroom Ltd.

   The standard material safety, through water line finish, etc. a strict requirement, the materials are made of food grade stainless steel, to ensure the material safety and product quality. Direct drinking water faucet of high temperature surface of a strict anti-scald specifications, to provide consumers with security. Standard anti-cycle pressures also were key requirements, drinking water faucet as water purifiers terminal equipment, water purifiers should keep pace with the relevant standards, this shouldSeeking to provide a quality guarantee for the water purifier market. The group carried out the development of standards for the stainless steel drinking water faucet separate classification, specifications and requirements, at home and abroad to fill this gap, will also play a good role in promoting development of the industry, to promote industry benign and healthy development and lay a solid The basics.

   standard name: "electronic smart locks" community standard

   Main drafting unit: Yantai three-ring lock Industry Group Company Limited, Guangdong Department of Talon Technology Co., Ltd.

   the standard finalized on the basis of the full research and reference current domestic and foreign electronic door locks, ordinary door locks, anti-theft locks and other standards, the highest level reached Ministry of Public security GA / T 73-2015 "mechanical anti-theft lock," the highest level, part indicators over foreign standards, many indicators have reached the most advanced foreign standards or senior. "Electronic smart locks" target group promulgated, providing a high-quality industry, high-level, universal, comprehensive electronic smart locks new standards. Actively implement the standard, will guide the industry rapid, healthy and standardized development, standardize the order of competition in the industry, protect consumers and promote social stability and property of a good social benefits. Hope that all manufacturers in the industry to actively adopt and jointly safeguard and promote the healthy development of the industry along the way.

   standard name: "Fire and gas threaded, ductile iron pipe fittings" community standard

   Main drafting unit: Shanghai Pudong Ma ironworks

   in gas connection, my outdoor pipe has all other fine ductile iron material, and has developed GB / T13295-2013 "water and gas ductile iron pipes, fittings and accessories", GB 5135.11-2006 "automatic sprinkler system - part 11: grooved pipe national standard "and so on. I.e., the "final kilometer" for an indoor threaded connection, or the use of almost 100% of malleable iron pipe member, which is obviously not match. The group standards were in room temperature mechanical properties, pressure resistance, corrosion resistance and oxidation (thermal) properties, low temperature properties and malleable iron fittings comparison, show the respective performance in terms of ductile iron are better than malleable, having forward and advanced indicators of similar products to fill the gaps at home and abroad, reached the international advanced level.

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