The impact of ozone treatmentn mineral water

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after the mineral water production practices, to raise awareness of drinking natural mineral water production difficult than normal drinks, mineral water product the reason is not a preservative, not heat sterilization and biological indicators required to achieve the "double zero". So microbial contamination has been plagued by mineral water manufacturer, to solve the problem of microbial contamination must adopt systems engineering, including water, environment, technology, equipment, management and other issues, the most critical question is how sterilization. Means for Solving the mineral water are two kinds of bacteria: (1) physical methods: using membrane filtration technology, as long as the membrane pore size is smaller than the diameter of the bacteria, the film can be effectively slip resistance bacteria; (2) chemical methods: using UV and ozone disinfection sterilization, disinfection ozone which is the mineral water production at home and abroad the most common method of sterilization.


1. Ozone disinfection


1.1 Application ozone disinfection in water treatment


ozone for disinfection has a long history, it was the beginning of the nineteenth century with ozone carried drinking water treatment, the mid-seventies in Europe has more than 500 ozone treatment plant, to the present, more than 3000 water treated with ozone water. Domestic and international food industry, including the production of mineral water is also widely used ozone disinfection menace.


1.2 Characteristics of ozone


Ozone is an unstable gas pale blue, insoluble in water but less soluble. Ozone oxidation reduction potential (2.07V) after a fluorine (2.87V), but higher than chlorine (1.97 V) and carbon dioxide (1.5V), which is a strong oxidant and disinfectant: poor stability of ozone, the placing an aqueous solution of ozone, the ozone concentration will be placed with prolonged decline. Some tests: When the room temperature 20 鈩? ozone water PH 7.6, temperature 10 ~ 15 鈩? the concentration of ozone water draw a graph of changes over time, measured half-life of 36 minutes, due to the short half-life of ozone, easily decomposed in water no residue, it is suitable for mineral water disinfection, drinking water, beverages, foods and the like. 1.3 Ozone sterilization effect of ozone water having a strong bactericidal effect, the desired low concentrations, fast action. When the concentration reaches about 2mg / L, in 1 minute may be Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aureus, bacterial spores, Aspergillus niger, yeast and other microorganisms killed. In fact, as long as the ozoneWhen the concentration reaches a threshold, the microorganisms may be killed in a very short period of time, the threshold for different kinds of microorganisms are different. Fungi e.g. 1.5mg / L, the multiplication of bacteria was 3mg / L.


Natural mineral water taken exposed to the air, so that the natural bacterial growth. This sample was then passed through water of different concentrations of ozone gas were measured in the concentration of bacteria in contact for 5 minutes and closed for 24 hours. When mineral water reached the ozone concentration 0.5mg / L, in 5 minutes to kill all bacteria.


Factors ozone disinfection 1.3


The relationship between the concentration of ozone sterilizing effect of ozone in water 1.3.1: the higher the concentration of ozone in the water, the better sterilization. And water in turn depends on the concentration of ozone into the ozone gas concentration, temperature and degree of dispersion of the water, when gas is introduced into the higher the concentration, the lower the temperature, the better the degree of dispersion of the water, the better dissolution of ozone. The higher the ozone concentration, the better the ozone dissolved in the water, the better the sterilization effect.


Water sterilizing effect of ozone 1.3.2 relationship: when increasing the turbidity of the water and chromaticity, may reduce the sterilizing effect, this case is preferably first encounter filtered, clarified then sterilized by ozone , while the PH value of water will also affect the sterilization effect, the mineral water through the ozone gas into the same, because different PH value, different concentrations of ozone, ozone was found PH 6.5 at a concentration of 1.06mg / L, while the PH to 8.5 ozone concentration of 0.48mg / L, PH acidic water shows beneficial dissolved ozone, high ozone concentration in water, a good sterilization effect.


2. The impact of ozone disinfection of mineral components


2.1 strontium, silicic acid and other beneficial ingredients and the main component of


of drinking natural mineral water containing the main chemical type strontium metasilicate bicarbonate type, it is necessary to observe Ozonation mineral strontium metasilicate, bicarbonate, total alkalinity, and total hardness reflects the total dissolved solids of inorganic mineral water passing air through a high concentration of ozone, the contact of the main component of the mineral Water after 15 minutes. After ozone treatment, mineral water, strontium metasilicate, bicarbonate, almost no change in the concentration of total alkalinity and total hardness, indicating little effect on ozone sterilization indicators.


Adjusted with sulfuric acid and sodium hydroxide, mineral water, PH value is 6.5, 7.5 and 8.5 respectively, then passed into the same concentration of ozone gas for 5 minutes, the ozone concentration in water samples and dissolved solids. The results showed that: concentration of ozone dissolved in water and the solids PH decreases with the increase, but the total dissolved solids does not decrease more than 10%.


2.2 pairs of components and reducing the amount of oxygen


Here reducing component refers to ammonia, cyanide and phenol. General mineral content of these components are very low, it is difficult to determine the impact of ozone disinfection. Thus in ammonia, cyanide and phenol mineral water into high-concentration ozone gas for 15 minutes, the concentration of the detectable change. Results showed that ammonia ozone sterilized mineral water at a concentration almost no change, and volatile cyanide and phenol were significantly reduced.


Oxygen Demand (COD) system as oxidant potassium permanganate, oxidation under certain conditions reducing substances in water, the oxygen consumption of potassium permanganate is converted FIG. Reflects the total amount of COD reducing organic portion PH of different mineral same concentration ozone gas is passed through for 5 minutes, mineral water COD drops significantly, PH COD decrease the degree of water are closely related, as the water PH increased, the percentage of decline has decreased.


Many of the studies have confirmed: ozonation different degrees of degradation of organic matter can occur in water, commonly relatively simple organic compounds in water by ozone treatment becomes simple organic compounds, oxidation thoroughly further CO2. More complex organic compounds often take multiple ozone treatment can be transformed into a simple organic compounds.


2.3 bromide


limit indicator mineral water is also one of the bromides, my country also has a small part of bromide mineral water standards. Mineral water containing bromide (raw water bromide was 2mg / L, NaBr was added to a concentration of 5mg / L) of the ozone gas into different five minutes, followed by measuring halates and bromate concentration showed : when disinfection with ozone concentration of mineral hypohalous acid (salt) and bromate with increasing ozone concentration is raised, when the ozone concentration of 5.9mg / L, the majority of bromide to bromate oxidized , hydrobromide harmful to human beings, and the hypohalite in water trihalomethane formation relationship.


3. Conclusion


action of ozone for disinfection of mineral water, when the concentration of ozone in water at 0.5mg / L, the effect of 5 minutes to kill all the bacteria in the water; Strontium in Mineral Water metasilicate, bicarbonate, total hardness, total alkalinity not affect the concentration of ozone; but the solid solubility of ozone disinfection mineral slightly reduced (less 10%), PH value increased slightly; spa cyanide, volatile phenol and oxygen consumption after ozone water treatment significantly reduced, but the impact of mineral water containing bromine noteworthy. <

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