Water purifier investment we need to know more and morintens

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   with the water purification industry more competitive, investment work has become an effective means of many enterprises to expand the water purifier market space and relieve stress. But in reality the expansion process, many dealers have overlooked the importance of the development strategy, leading to unsatisfactory profitability. In this case, water purifier investment needs to think back slowly to find the crux of the problem, targeted solution can really open water purification industry development situation.


   water purifier investment market information sources limitations

   in terms of relative water purifier investment, access to information market reform is particularly important, however, vertical water purifier market outlook today, a lot of information about water purifier investment of localized, not coherent channels to provide information to the dealer, especially with the current industry information related to the sale of data, due to the daily business to run themselves, to study read newspapers less time to obtain information through the Internet even less.

   direction to the lack of new market trends and effective business advice, can only rely on their own experience to judge, this will lead to a directional error.

   auto mall development impact of

   At present in most places are the manufacturers and distributors single contact, if cooperation in the negative accident, then because of the strength and resources to better than factory many large dealers, often injured is a distributor and manufacturers can find new local dealers, continue to do his business at the expense of the dealer can only do nothing.

   At the same time, water purifier investment on behalf of the overwhelming majority of the shopping centers have a single vendor to negotiate a limited grasp of the hand commodity prices, a lack of negotiating experience is relatively easy to break one by one by the mall, reduced mall crush objects.

   water purifier investment market lacks strategic guidance

   There are many dealers also understand the importance of consulting, training, and very capable dealer needs experts to guide in the development of strategic planning but because of the high charges relative consulting companies offer, dealers simply can not afford to support a number of manufacturers and dealer training service with a lot of tendency, relatively high practical value.

   Thus, in the fierce market competition, water purifier investment must also be aware of the market has the ability to change, under the influence of many factors, water purifierDevelopment investment in relative terms some embarrassment, learned in the market environment under the title, only identify bias in order to get the desired direction of development.

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