Water filters for what is good

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   Water filters which is better? A look at the introduction of small series now.




Water is the source of life, the human body is 70% composed of water, clean and healthy drinking water to people is very important, increasingly serious water pollution in 2020-06- 04, choose a filter to purify tap water quality is necessary, then a home water filter what is good


home water filter which is better -? household water filter the type

   [123 ] faucet water filter: tap water purifier is to rely PP cotton, activated carbon, compression costs are lower, the more common of the filter material made of a water filter


   of pure water: pure water is one kind of multi-stage filter apparatus for water purification water purification process, the process is often used without addition of chemical substances by filtration, adsorption, reverse osmosis and other physical methods, all live closure with ultrafine precision water by reverse osmosis manner RO membrane inorganic ions and organic pollutants, water to drink straight pure water (with respect to pure water bottles on the market).


   UF water purification: Equipment i.e. ultrafiltration using ultrafiltration techniques purifying water using ultrafiltration, membrane filtration pressure difference driving force.


   which is better household water filter - faucet water filter advantages and disadvantages


   faucet water filter advantages: easy to install faucet water purifier, easy maintenance, the water flow, water fast speed, to meet the demand for large water purification kitchen water, wash water and the like.


   faucet water filter disadvantages: filtering effect in general, only the removal of sediment and some smell, is generally not recommended direct consumption, the need to boil before drinking.


   which is better home water filters - water machine disadvantages


   water machine advantages: Various water can remove harmful contamination of bacteria, viruses, colloids, rust, impurities, etc. was an impurity removal in water up to 96% water purification is complete, the water quality can be made more clear and clean, soft and sweet.


   water machine Disadvantages: water machine water purification thorough manner, so the water will be less minerals and trace elements the body needs, not suitable for long-term consumption.


   which is better home water filters - ultrafiltration water purifier disadvantages


   UF water purifier advantages: what we call an ultrafiltration filter drink straight ultrafiltration, ultrafiltration drink straight by ultrafiltration to purify tap water, tap water to remove harmful bacteria, rust, viruses substance, while retaining the water of beneficial minerals and trace elements, unscrew the tap is safe to drink, for tea, coffee, soup and other taste more delicious. Low cost, yet powerful, better water quality suitable for families.


   UF water purification Cons: small water flow, can only meet to drink, do not provide a lot of living water purification.


   which is better home water filters, we can see from the above, each type of water filters have their own advantages, there are also some disadvantages. Overall, faucet filters low cost, there is a certain improvement in water quality, but not up to drinking standards. Water for better water purification capacity, but higher costs, can not retain water on the beneficial minerals and trace elements. UF drink straight lower cost, yet powerful, not only can remove bacteria in tap water, rust, viruses and other harmful substances, while retaining the water of beneficial minerals and trace elements, there are many families choose to use ultrafiltration water purifiers.


   through these presentations, I am sure you know what kind of home water filter good knowledge of it. You also promise that you will ask: home pre-filter must be installed small advice you do not blindly, need to decide according to their own home water quality, water quality standard is actually based on what family does not need to drink small knowledge base?.




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