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  Organized by the China Consumer Association, a joint leader in the field of water purification brand Midea Group and other companies launched the second "cognitive 鈥?Select" water purifier consumer science education at public events recently held a national tour, currently taking over Shanghai, Nanjing, becoming this the second sub-station science charity, the Pearl of the Orient issued a "light water", the local people brought to the popularity of a very lively and learned a lot of lessons drinking water. 缇庣殑鍑€姘村櫒鎼烘墜涓秷鍗忓紑鍚浜屽眾鍑€姘村叕鐩婃椿鍔? src=

   can not live without water, but how healthy water, the public do not seem to form a relatively complete concept. In recent years, water pollution problems due to past domestic extensive economic development model, resulting from worsening, consumers face the threat of safety and health in the water, drinking water connection, we had to turn to safe drinking water solutions. However, most consumers still know little knowledge of water purification equipment, many consumers buy water purifier are facing many problems in urgent need of water safety knowledge of public science.

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   The Shanghai Station science charitable activities in the city were the core business district, full of pre-event warm-up has attracted the attention of a large number of consumers, the flow of people during the event once more to create a new record. In addition to on-site professional knowledge to explain the benefits of drinking water and water purification, but also set up business owners image display, offline experience, interactive games, gifts and other sectors, the former US water purification equipment is gathered a lot of experience who, become a major focus of the scene. After the event, many people have said this involved a lot of harvest, healthy water for the family also have a better understanding and a more comprehensive knowledge.

   It is reported that, following the Nanjing Railway Station and Shanghai Railway Station, science will continue next tour event held in Xian, Jinan, Guangzhou and other areas. As chief nonprofit partner of this event, the US group with the greatest efforts to provide support, the country has 200 flagship stores and specialty stores joined the clean water science camp experience stores, to provide consumers with the most direct participation experience, further enhanced consumer health and safety of drinking water purifier market knowledge and understanding. During the

缇庣殑鍑€姘村櫒鎼烘墜涓秷鍗忓紑鍚浜屽眾鍑€姘村叕鐩婃椿鍔? src=

   Group Vice President of the United States water heater department Zheng Army-invited to participate in the first public water purification station Nanjing Station activities, media interviews, said water utilities group is an extremely important part of the group, also one focus of future development direction of the US group, the Group invested considerable research and development efforts, to build a sound net drinking water solutions and product groups. In fact, the United States has been hopingA similar public service activities, rouses the current water resources, water industry and a deeper awareness of water purification products, so that every consumer to buy for their own consumption environment, while both cost-effective, quality is more assured, more services in place water purification products. We believe that through government, industry, business and other multi-dimensional attack, we work together to develop water industry will be more healthy.

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