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鍑€姘村櫒鐨勬寫閫夊師鍒欐槸浠€涔? width= in the moment, crowded, relive the big picture yet, many brands. It is necessary to share with you the experience to help purchase home water purifier, just come to share with you my experience. Water purifier herein refers to a home water purifier, it is generally configured to: Pump filter + + + various storage tank pipeline. One of the most easily damaged part is the water pump, the general is to replace the water pump. Of course, now three or four hundred can not buy a no-name pump water purifiers, water purifiers that there is no water tank, no power, it is recommended that you do not buy, basically no filtering, you can filter large particles of impurities , and those toxic ingredients are not divisible

   First, steps / methods:

   First, pay attention to after-sales principle: it is now home water purifier technology matures, but still in the development process even name brand water purifier as prone to problems. So buy water purifiers when we must be able to find after-sales service commitment of businesses. Many people do not value this commitment, buy someones home water purifiers, water purifiers to the last bad nobody.

   Second, consider the good supplies of life: Many people do not know the water purifier and printer as needed supplies. The only consumable is three - five filters, usually with between four of six months to be replaced once a water purifier filters, filter change together three general price is 100 yuan. If you do not change the filter, then you have to let business come to change the filter, so this also to emphasize the sale of the business. Some businesses will be presented filter, you have to ask clear, otherwise presented to you, there is no filter.

   Third, consider the good water purifier power: the so-called power consumption on the speed, better performance of the water purifier does not take three days a kilowatt. Of course, some water purifier is a large volume of water, the more natural power, but according to the result of the conversion, and then the power consumption of the water purifier is also ten times cheaper than bottled water you buy. Some people in order to save a little bit of electric power on the use of filter 0, that is no electricity in the filter, this filter effect is relatively poor, if the water pressure is relatively large Fortunately, you can have some filtering capability, if water pressure is too small, it will not use the water purifier. So I do not plan to re-emphasize the point province, to buy water purifiers higher power consumption, because it brings the benefits outweigh the losses.

   Fourth, do not listen to "mineral" propaganda: the principle of water purifier will result in the loss of minerals, though some brands of water purifiersIt is hit the "trace minerals" slogan, but you do not because such publicity will buy this brand of water purifiers. Because the human body needs minerals, mostly from food, water and minerals less food can be used to supplement, but the water to eat toxic substances in the body can not be discharged, for health, water purifier installation is the sensible choice.

   Fifth, I believe the power of brands: A few months ago reported that a lot of water purifiers available in the market are excessive mercury, and many are not filtering effect, in this case, cheaper to buy inferior products is likely to cause harm to your body. Here you can not give the recommended brand, advertising will be suspect, I just remind you when to buy water purifier to buy those reliable brand, once poisoning or other problems, you may want to vendors claim, if you buy inferior products, you simply do not have the opportunity to claim for.

   Sixth, ask cheated accessories beware: There are many profiteers have found this opportunity: some accessories such as plastic wrench is used for removable cartridge, is shipped as standard, but consumers do not know, so some merchants will put these originally belong to you then "sold" to you, charge you an additional fee.

   Seven, water quality testing is the most important level: any responsible seller will be equipped with a water detector, a very simple gadget that can detect your water is not safe to drink. After the seller you installed the water purifier, you can ask them to do a check to see whether the water is safe to drink, it is a fixed target.

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