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  Why should we choose home water purifier? Author: Tim net water purification Views: 476 Published: 2018-9-27 17:00:37 believe that many families or agents who have such a doubt, we have been using tap water, we have been in a very well no problem, why now have to use a home water purifier filter water it? The answer is: society is changing, your water has not before the water, but you do not know it. Daily drinking water through a variety of cleaning, disinfection means chlorine bleach, and then after a long pipeline and secondary pressurized water tank flows into millions of households. Before flowing into households go through a long pipeline, some pipeline fell into disrepair, some of the pipes and sewer pipes some of the cross, even the building must first go through the toilet before they can reach the kitchen. Finally, water is not only used chlorine, rust and pathogenic microorganisms, lead, phenol, pesticides appears to varying degrees, it may be shocking pollution. So we use a home water purifier, if you are still not enough to understand, we continue to explore and see exactly how we use tap water. Multi-water impurities detected. Silt, clay, protozoa, algae, bacteria, viruses, and other, they are often composed of suspended material, suspended in water, produced water turbidity current, odor and so on. Humic fulvic acid compounds, and other contaminants in water and domestic sewage and industrial wastewater organic matter much that it can break down oxidation, caused by the water of oxygen, while corruption fermentation occurs, the growth of bacteria, deterioration of water quality, destruction of water bodies. Organic matter is a major cause of water pollution. Water smell. This you must have smelled, not much to say. Turbid water. In particular, the first glass of water up in the morning, long home without water, muddy now more obvious. Long-term consumption may become stones, cardiovascular, the incidence of atherosclerosis embolism. People have always thought that as long as the boil is safe to drink, boiling water, but in fact it does not cause diarrhea, process and can not boil water to remove impurities that can cause chronic diseases in the water, we can say that for a long time to drink water is not very hygienic. The home water purifier may be filtered to exclude impurities in the water, the water is no longer turbid, no smell water, weakly alkaline water, alkaline water and drinking is to improve the human body constitution most direct and effective method. All we need to use home water purifierFilter tap water, kitchen to install a water purifier for the whole family bid farewell to water pollution.

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