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   2017 China water purifier brand Industrial Ecology Conference and event awards ceremony events upcoming awards ceremony was held on November 24 at Beijings Diaoyutai State Guesthouse. The campaign is an important part of the development process of Chinese industry, water purification industry, he witnessed the Chinese water industry over a decade of development, as Chinas most influential event in the field of water purification, and this is not just a King Zhuang brand gathered, it is authoritative witness a growth of the brand, will be chairman of activities designed to create the most comprehensive and most influential water purifier brand event.

   At present this event has been recognized by industry experts, association leaders, brands, accessories, sales agents, industry, media and the general public of consumers, known as the Chinese water industrys "Oscar" water industry brand leader. Become a water purifier brands demonstrated strength, enhance the influence of industry event, more of Chinas water industry brand development and make due contributions. Brand event from the height of the whole industry chain, help Chinese brands in various industries to share the prosperity of resources, win-win future world.

   In order to collect the majority of buyers a wider range of users and the industry have suggested to contest, but reflect the real influence of the products in the market, under the brand event line voting session is still in full swing, the brand event organizing committee will also collect the most authentic voice of the consumer business, buyers, membership research, interviews with street and store the way down the line through visits and voting under a wide range of resources to carry out line with industry exhibition from the finalists the 30 companies selected your vision of the 10 companies.

   which, Haier Strauss successfully nominated brand consumer satisfaction and product design innovation and brand Top 30.


   under water purifier brand event line investigation into the Haier stores

   To further examine the brand reputation, product quality, October 25, 2017, the brand entered the event in Beijing squad Haier Strauss stores, close contact Haier water purification products, from lower-level dealers to explore and understand the voice of the consumer. Among them, we store the person in charge of Haier Strauss Zhang interviewed, then, in his eyes, concerning water purification market, Haier on water purification equipment and how is it?

   at present many potential safety hazards national drinking water, the industry has a responsibility and obligation to convey to consumers to safe drinking water concept of healthy living. Water industry is a huge space sunrise industry, which requires clean water counterparts to integrate the whole industry chain, to dig products more in line with consumer demand, and through in-depth coverage of the market to integrate customer coverage to users.

   Zhang from the 2013 proxy Haier Haier Strauss and water purification products. According to him, Haier water purifier mainly in the kitchen of the formula-based water machine, Haier Strauss places desktop nanofiltration drink straight main two brands complement each other and jointly to provide quality products for consumers. Haier water purifier with its influence Haier brand, occupy a certain market share in the field of water purification. Haier Strauss use of technology products, brand and advanced concepts for consumers to open a new home drinking water standards in the production and manufacturing of products with more advanced technology and rich experience.


   Haier stores Leader interviewed

   In recent years, water purifier market all the way up, a considerable future market potential. Zhang said that from 2013 contacts water purification products, water purifier sales have been doubling. Since the concept of environmental protection has been widely accepted, consumers are constantly recognize the existence of secondary water pollution and water pollution and the like. With the rapid economic development, growing water pollution, the residents water security is a growing concern, the residents quality of drinking water have become more sophisticated, drinking water and health has become the focus of public attention and focus, as well as water purification device industry is rapidly growing, while domestic water purifier market penetration is not very high, but the water industry has entered the Red Sea.

   is different for each consumer water purification product definition, product selection also very different. According to Mr. Zhang recalled, in 2014, consumers buy water purification products are mainly low-end products, precisely because consumers understand the safety of drinking water and water purification products inadequate, so cost-prohibitive favorite subject. And after 2014, consumers of products gradually transformed into high-end products.

   Zhang example, store sales top two products are now high-end smart Haier Strauss nanofiltration water purifier P2 and P7, priced at 6000 and 10000 or so. Haier Strauss nanofiltration unit, and can retain water molecules, calcium, magnesium, potassium, sodium and other minerals beneficial part of the body of the ions, the water was filtered off lead, arsenic, cadmium, hexavalent chromium and other heavy metals and bacteria and other harmful substances, forConsumers to buy influence is very large.

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