Water purifier industry ented a golden piod of developmt to

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In the 21st century, all have been scrambling to develop new industries, of which the most prominent is a sunrise industry in this century - water purifier, good prospects questioned. Why do you say, first of all, the current production of excess liquidity products, the overall weakness in the market, many new industries are upgrading the industrial development again on the basis of the original, plays the role of icing on the cake, and the development of the product itself and traditional products generally Pros and cons. However, water purification industry is very different, it subverts the traditional pattern of drinking water, instead of bottled water, bottled water, all green and healthy drinking patterns, greater market potential.


With the increasingly serious water pollution in the country, many people are increasingly aware of their own home tap water is not really clean water. Water purifier is an effective way to solve the water pollution problem, looking back, water purifier popularity will gradually change as the promotion and the concept of quality of life of residents, to like color TV, refrigerator, washing machine the same degree of popularity, became home Electric indispensable companion.


of the water industry has grown from infancy gradually for everyone cognitive development, at present, the domestic one, second-tier cities purifier penetration rate is about 10% of urban household penetration rate of 2% about, the fact that the lift in consumer attitudes consumer health, water purification industry will have decided to have a broad space for development. But on the whole industry market, has not yet appeared absolute dominance of brand-oriented enterprises, industry structure has not yet appeared, the market needs leveraging opportunity. With the construction of major manufacturers brands of precipitation and channels, improve the product line and service channels as well as a sound management system, a number of small manufacturers will face Wupaiwuzheng due to product quality, product line, product technology, and other market weak competitiveness, after-sales system is imperfect and so the fate of the cottage, or no place. Next will be the brand water purifier industry, technology, products, prices major reshuffle. The ultimate beneficiaries will be major reshuffle technology, product lines, channels, services and other comprehensive outstanding strength of imports, joint ventures, and the larger brands.


the industrial development of Chinas water purifier is the inevitable trend of future development of water purification industry, is also the general trend of the golden age of stage, this is due to the Chinese water pollution, aging water distribution network as well as the continuous improvement of peoples health awareness, came into product development, product development is in line with the times. Thus we can understand and influence the development potential of water purifiers, as well as the traditional drinkThe impact of water use.

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