Patio water purifier new products boast the world debut blas

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   In the years 51 big promotion, the Patio no new KRL5806 barrel reverse osmosis are loved by the advent of on the market. Combined with todays consumers to buy that "water system faster speed," "water purification effect is stronger" "No barrel space-saving design." These three characteristics is their main reason for choosing the new Patio.


Qinyuan water purifier

   no new barrels boast the world debut

   It is understood, Patio KRL5806 no-barrel design, with market-leading 600-gallon traffic, more traditional reverse osmosis water filter water faster, can significantly reduce the waiting time of the user connected to the water. Under normal circumstances take a full 200ml glass of water, Patio KRL5806 only takes just 8 seconds.

   In the most critical aspects of the filter, using 5 Patio KRL5806 filtration system, which can effectively reduce the total solid solubility in water, removal of microorganisms such as E. coli, to reduce arsenic, cadmium, chromium (hexavalent), lead content, to ensure the quality of clean water, filtered water can drink straight.

   In order to give the user better protected, bucket Patio KRL5806 no further equipped with a reverse osmosis water purification Patio FMS intelligent filter management system, according to the different quality of each family TDS value, residual value, turbidity and the number of four-dimensional scientific computing and the use of filter life, to realize filter management "private custom."


Patio water purifier

   Further, a water purifier using KRL5806 Patio Patio saving patented technology, pure waste ratio up to 1: 1, greatly reducing the wastewater ; and in order to meet the water needs of different users, a dual water Patio KRL5806 design, the user can switch the heart clean water, pure water according to the different scenarios; Patio patent also uses a modular filter ETC, so as disassembling filter screwed caps as easy and convenient; it is worth mentioning that, in the body design, Patio KRL5806 also ingenuity, using side-screen design, with no barrel design, significant savings in space under the hood.


Qinyuan water purifier

   "I am now used to house no fewer than three or four water purifiers, Patio KRL5806 is a most desirable I met." There is a bit consumers say so, in terms of water purification effect of water velocity, product design, Patio KRL5806 are very much in lineHis request.

   as well as a consumer after experienced Patio KRL5806 said that all the disadvantages of pre-existing home water purifiers, such as storage tank occupy too much space, water storage bucket of water will run out into the water dilemma , but also there is a fear of water purification suffered secondary contamination; and Patio KRL5806 no barrel design, the advantages of the filter that is ready to drink his original dispel concerns, she was prepared to start immediately.

   Patio 20 years of adhering to the spirit of the artisan roots in the water industry, continued research and development of advanced science and technology, just for a good cup of water. In the future, Patio consumers will continue to strive to develop more specialized water purification products.

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