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   According to statistics, the utilization rate of Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou city water purification products has reached 15%, while the Chinese market as a whole home water purifier usage of about 3% to 5%, with the increase in consumer income , health concerns and severe water quality problems, will promote the explosive growth of water purifiers, water purifiers future market worth the wait.

   1 low barriers to entry market consumers "get lost."

   refers to the water purifier filter water depth, water treatment equipment, water purification process. Compared to other water purifiers home appliances products, consumers may really "get lost."

   An easy "seeing things" in place, the price disparities. Cheap filter can be mounted directly on the faucet, it may be only two or three hundred dollars; and a set of cartridges used in combination, a thousand dollars everywhere; even then set up yuan. What was good expensive, difficult to define than cheap consumer.

   Another readily "dazzled" place that many concepts. In addition to the basic filter, purifying function, but also a lot of clean water under various "healthy" banner, such as may be "cosmetic", or to generate "mineral water", as well as producing "alkaline water", not a " concept of negative oxygen ions "and the like. Consumers often at a loss.

   In fact, this located in the small purifiers for home use, there is still a double membrane technology and RO reverse osmosis membrane-based path.

   By the end of July 2017, according to incomplete statistics, has published water purifier enterprises reached 4000, of which nearly 1,600 machine manufacturing enterprises, mostly joint ventures, own brand, family model-based workshop, held by health licensing (State wading this document) water purifier manufacturing enterprises is only about 500, which leads to a lot of substandard products in circulation. Chinas water purifier manufacturers to develop an annual rate of 30%, an annual business of about 40%, of which about 10% of the companies closed down or forced to change jobs.

   2 wins the one hundred billion water purifier market is the outbreak

   water purifier in my country has developed more than a decade, the industry has formed a mature industry chain system. Especially in recent years, small appliances, consumer upgrade cycle has come super smart popular home water purifier is also stimulating the development of other related industries, especially in 2015 andBy 2016, the water purification industry has developed rapidly. According to Institute of forward-looking industry, "China water purifier industry sales needs analysis report" data show that in 2016 within our water purifier sales reached 13.12 million units, total retail sales channels reached 20.3 billion yuan, of which online sales of 16.3 billion yuan, an increase of 37.9%; sales in the line of 40.5 billion yuan, up 51.7%.

   2016 water purifier industry sales 20.3 billion yuan, much higher than the overall growth of the consumer electronics market. There are reports that, in 1999, the national water purifier production is only 60 million units, followed by rapid water purifiers average annual growth rate expected by 2017 China water purifier will reach 87.19 million units. The market promising.

   data show that from January to June 2017, online sales of water purification equipment, there has been rapid improvement, water purification equipment online retail sales reached 1.82 million units, up 26.8%; retail sales reached 22 billion, an increase of 37.6%.

   Now, China water purifier market capacity growth rate of 50%. Is expected to 2019 national household water purifier market penetration will reach 20% to 30%, with a volume of about 100 million households. To seize the market, large and small companies flocking, and competition for the market "cake."

   3 "Four Worlds" coexist accelerate change ushered reshuffle

   It is worth mentioning that Chinas current water purifier market has not yet fully developed, there is still huge room for mining, our country water purifier market coverage is only around 5%, much lower than in Europe and America, Japan and other developed countries, while South Koreas market coverage up to 95%.

   At present, my country water purifier industry as a whole chain of rapid development, market prospects to compete with each capital rather more by the blitz. It is understood that the water purification industry is divided into "four worlds." Among them, the first world mainly by annual shipments amounted to enterprises with more than 900 million yuan, including the United States, Patio (plus Unilever) and other giants; the second annual billings of the world remains at 100 million to between 500 million yuan, including Angel, Philips, EcoWater, Four seasons song Mu sun rain, Haier, open energy, clean water sources and other brands; the threshold of the third world between 50 million yuan to 100 million yuan, mainly Gree, TCL, cloud-meter (millet), Sloan, Qin Kang, Ainikesi brands such as composition, 50 million yuan of domestic water purifiers can also be called large-scale enterprisesWatershed. The fourth world of some of the weaker brand-name enterprises, and annual billings of 5,000 yuan.

   public information, the next four years, domestic water purifier market capacity expansion will continue, with an average annual compound growth rate will reach 50%. And two years later, home water purifier market penetration is expected to rise along with about 25%. Domestic institutions predict that the market capacity water purifier "Thirteen Five" period will reach one hundred billion massing. In the case of worsening water pollution, water purifier market is about to usher in the explosive growth.

   Right now, the water purifier market is flourishing, contending the phenomenon. Each water purifier business is Eight Immortals, fancy, using a variety of measures to increase market share.

   4 deletion mandatory standard water purifier market mixed

   It purifier market is divided into four areas in the technical reverse osmosis, ultrafiltration, activated carbon, nanofiltration. By the State "863" impact of reverse osmosis technology is becoming mainstream, in the water purifier market share has exceeded 85%, while ultrafiltration and activated carbon products in the market share of 7% and 5%, respectively.

   However, because the entire water purification industry is still in the early stages of development, there has been good and bad. Statistics show that from 2014, AQSIQ began to organize the three water purifiers national supervision, display no more than 70% pass rate. The main problems in: Among the total number of colonies of water indicators of failure, water flow failed, the total water flow failed.

   It is understood that the water purification industry currently applicable national standards are the "household and similar electrical appliances" and "household and similar applications water treatment device" standards; and industry standards, it is "home ultrafiltration and similar water purifier "and" RO household and similar water purifier "standard. But it is worth mentioning that the national standard is generally divided into mandatory standards and voluntary standards. In the water purifier market, most of the standards are voluntary standards. This is mainly determined by the characteristics of the water purifier itself, because water quality varies throughout, water purification materials used may vary. Obviously, the recommended standards for binding brands and products a lot smaller. Many companies tend to "voluntary standards" as an excuse to implement greatly reduced.

   countries already aware of the problem of water purification industry, the National Standards Commission has formallyStart to develop national standards for water purifiers, with emphasis on making clear provision for water purification devices and core structure. This is expected in the future will be turned away for lack of technical innovation of small factories and backward production technology, the industry will also be some cleanup.


   1, when consumers buy water purifier to fully consider the maintenance and after-sales service. To ensure the water purification effect and prevent secondary pollution, water purification machine maintenance and after-sales service is very important, especially to be on time to replace the filter rated according to the total net amount of water effluent. Different regions, different floors unstable water pressure generated can make a big impact on the life of the machine, consumers can choose the product with the "high standard pressure" performance, in order to ensure that the water remains safe, durable machine.

   2, do not believe in the concept of a consumer purchase. According to the Ministry of Health, water purifier not allowed to add functional materials, also do not allow other functions in addition to the role of clean water, do not allow any efficacy of treatment of diseases.

   3, weight shop around "of price." Consumers should carefully read the instructions, pay attention to water flow, rated total net amount of water parameters, apply pressure, combined with the life of the sales price situation, taking into account the price of the filter, choose a good brand, high performance and low cost products.

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