Water purifier market chaos many expts teach you to identify

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   With the improvement of living standards, more and more families choose a water purifier. So, how can buy a high-quality, practical water purifier it? Look at how Yantai City CDC experts say.

   1, check the Health this document

   whether domestic or imported water purifiers, are required to check whether there is above the provincial level health administrative departments of Health issued a document. To this document (valid for 4 years), and completely consistent over the life of the product and the actual process of water purification materials.

   2, see purification process

   selected according to individual needs Water purifier different purification processes.

   The water purification process is a water purifier pp cotton + activated carbon to remove organic matter may be part; a hollow fiber ultrafiltration membrane, while water purification filter out most of the organic matter and microorganisms, retain some mines substance; reverse osmosis membrane water purification substantially completely remove microorganisms, minerals and trace organic pollutants.

   3. Check quality of materials

   Quality properties of the material and not only determines the quality and performance of the water purifier, to some extent determines the merits of the water quality and water purification lifes.

   such as: plastic material is all new or recycled materials; charcoal is coconut shell charcoal, husk carbon cheap coal or charcoal; stainless steel is 316L, 304 or 302 and the like. Usually the material will be reflected in the material specification.

   4, see the manufacturing process

   beautiful regular production purifier form, fit precise, bright color appearance, smooth surface feel. And small workshops gray color appearance, surface roughness, corrosion, cracking, loose fitting, or even leakage.

   5, the choice of brand name products

   Small Small plant scale, plant and poorly equipped, technical strength is weak, often just buy a variety of parts to be assembled, and some did not even assembly plants , go to other factory OEM production, product quality can not be guaranteed.

   suggestion: try to buy the regular production of branded products.

   6, regular cleaning of the water purifier

   Further, even if the later of acceptable quality water purifier, if the long time without cleaning or replacing the filter, filters, water purifier effect He will be greatly reduced or evenCause secondary pollution.

   Comments: public must be cleaned regularly in accordance with the product specification requirements, filter and replace the filter.

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