Pengshui elected the citys rural drinking water safety proje

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   Recently, the reporter learned from Pengshui County Water Conservancy Bureau, Chongqing City recently issued "Rural Drinking Water Safety consolidate and promote the implementation of the pilot scheme" will strengthen the promotion of rural drinking water safety pilot project in 12 districts. Pengshui was selected, will explore the rural drinking water project operation management mechanism and operation mode to expedite the settlement "draft difficult" issue, effective protection of rural drinking water safety, let friends drink vast rural areas "safe water."


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   According to this scheme, according to different natural conditions and basic conditions of the different sub-regions, in addition to pengshui, there YuBeiOu Banan District, tongliang district, Liangping area, Yunyang County, Fengjie County, the city population County, Wuxi County, Qianjiang District, District Rongchang and Youyang County, was selected to consolidate the rural drinking water safety upgrade project. Its schedule for the year from April to October for the careful implementation phase, from November to December is a comprehensive summary of the stage.

   It is understood that the implementation of rural drinking water safety project to consolidate and promote, aims imperfect efforts to solve rural drinking water safety in existing facilities, investment and financing mechanism is not perfect, construction and management irregularities, the operator does not last and other outstanding issues to improve the water supply guarantee rate and water quality compliance rate. Meanwhile, the yuan will also explore the establishment of investment and financing mechanism to provide funding for the rural drinking water safety, explore the "government-led, sector regulation, market operation, people involved in" management mechanism, the establishment of management and protection system "from the source to the leader".

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