Water purifier watprotection and use Function Introdu

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   is protected from the water some functions, with the pre-filter similar function. Water meter is mounted behind effective rust removing impurities in water, sediment, suspended solids, etc., is the home environment of the first water barrier. Impurities in the water to prevent clogging of skin pores, relaxed, protect skin health; and the protection of other household equipment such as water heaters, water purifiers, taps, etc., for Concealed pipes can prolong life.

   waterway protection with pre-filter is different, with a regulator function, is now a considerable number of new high-rise buildings are facing excessive pressure problems. The water heaters, water purifiers, and so has the use of a pressure requirements for the protection of normal use these products, you need to water protection function of a stable water pressure.

   Water Yi

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