Water purifier health did not pmit signs they may contaminat

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   the face of quite a mixed bag of water purifiers on the market, the public how to choose?

   Gansu Province Quality and Technical Supervision quality inspection center officer told reporters, simple packaging, there is no marked health license and filtering effect of the product, consumers do not buy the products not only can not guarantee the health and safety effects and filters, instead, the original may contaminate drinking water.

   Insiders said that, in the purchase of household water purifiers, water and other water processor, first of all would like to see their cable distributors Health licensing file, and check the water purifier brand, size make, model and health permit this document are consistent; if the process requires purification filter water purifier electricity, but also to see whether their home appliances 3C certification.

   to buy a water purifier not only to understand the function of water purification, according to the actual needs of targeted buy, but also to pay attention to its filter material replacement costs and after-sales service. Because the water purifier is not a one-time consumer electronics, post-maintenance and after-sales service is very important, especially to be rated according to the total net amount of water effluent, or by using the term the timely replacement of the filter. Some brands of water purifiers price may seem cheap, but high follow-up costs, so you should ask follow-up costs when consumers buy, considering after purchase.

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