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   A + certification is a measure of precision purification identify a water purification products purification capacity,

   A + certification is a measure of a precise purification of water purification products purification ability of identification, have the water purification product identification, purification effect authoritative security, removal of heavy metals, organic compounds and other harmful substances can reach the a + standard. Look for this logo, you do not have to worry about for a variety of advertising "squandering the charming eyes" a.

   drinking water is the biggest problem of peoples livelihood

   World Health Organization survey showed that 80 percent of the disease worldwide, 50% of the worlds child deaths are related to poor drinking water and, in addition, drinking as many as 50 kinds of diseases caused by poor water quality, so for people speaking, drinking water is the biggest problem of peoples livelihood. Some media reports, 80 percent of the countrys waters, 45% of groundwater contamination, more than 90% of urban water pollution is serious, and pesticide residues in water and antibiotics have become the main pollutants damage the body healthy before. Coupled with the problem of pollution of water pipeline and secondary water supply tank top, who would dare to tap water at home happily drinking it? Under existing conditions, to install a home water purifier has become nowadays a lot of peoples preferences.

   However, the water purifier how to choose? What kind of water purifier purifying effect is good? The question really is not intuitive, because most water purification products in addition to listening to your business marketing (xinao), their own tongue goods, with stomach test, no other way! As early as 2017, China Consumer Association released the "Forty under water purifier product comparison test report" on market purchases of 40 batches of different brands, different models, different techniques, different prices of water purification products, most of the removal of heavy metals, organic matter, far unable to reach purification efficiency indicators merchants claimed, is likely to buy your 7000 water purification machines and purification of 1000 is not much different.

   Certification Center of Light Industry Council, China Household Electric Appliance Research Institute jointly directed purification capacity of water purifier to make provision

   In this regard, in the light of United Certification Center, Chinese Academy of household appliances jointly developed a "household and similar devices and the drinking water purification filter precision requirements authentication technology", i.e. "a + purification accurate authentication rule" orientation for the purification capacity of the water purifier to make provisions. In DWTU predetermined rated total net amount of water is notThe net amount of water is less than the nominal value, and drinking water treatment the inner core is not less than the nominal value of the test conditions, a "full spiked" approach test, the purification efficiency of not less than 80%. This part of the more professional, simply, compared to traditional testing methods previously used in the water industry: a five-point standard addition method, the entire process more stringent standard addition method. Rated net amount of water to 2000L water purifier as an example, when tested using the "five-point standard addition" method, liquid pollutants into about 500L; and a "precise purification" when tested, contamination into of liquid volume was 2000L, it is possible purification efficiency test plus five standard method was 80%, with spiked whole method can not pass the test. Thus, the "precise purification" certification of the product water purifier adsorbent and the filter material made of ultra-high requirements.

   saying, look to buy a water purifier purify the A + certification Haoshi it accurate? of course! Because the authority ah! You can not order a special trip to buy a water purifier bottled water samples to laboratory testing purifying effect, then see that it is not a national certification authority of it. This certification issued by the two agencies, one authoritative technical service institutions - Chinese Academy of household appliances, while another is in the light of United Certification Center has certified ten years of history, is a science fair, rigorous and realistic third party certification body. This flag long like this:


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