Water purifier to buy a wide variety of maintenance is morim

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As peoples living standards improve, we paid special attention to safe drinking water, all kinds of water purifiers start into peoples lives. July 15 morning, the reporter visited Lacey supermarkets, specialty stores, understand the current water purification equipment varied, face more and more types of water purifiers, people do not know how to start. In this regard, the industry to remind the public, need to be cautious when purchasing a water purifier, replace the filter regularly is necessary.


Too many people pick dazzled varieties


because of ease of use, variety of water purifiers began to catch on. July 15 morning, the reporter visited to see, in various supermarkets, a wide variety of types of water purifiers, where the products are mainly classified RO water purifier, ultrafiltration water purifiers, water, etc., from time to time before the public to buy, "vat of water to drink up and easy to use, but a long time said that they would breed bacteria, it is better to buy a water purifier." is buying water purifiers Lee told reporters, after consultation, the current price of water purifiers most of the several hundred dollars to a thousand dollars, the price is completely acceptable.


"This water purifier can filter out all kinds of impurities in the water, purified water to drink." In the supermarket, electrical counter staff constantly introduces to the public around. Interview, the reporter learned that, faced with a wide variety of different functions of the water purifier, the public how to choose for their own made difficult. "Listen to all sales personnel, many did not understand the terminology." Mr. Zhang said that in the price disparities, I really do not know how to choose.


online shopping purifier less than six months on the bad


Reporters on various shopping sites to see, the same as selling water purification products. "Heavy metals in water can be filtered out, selling a good or natural." Sells water purifiers shop owner said.


Visited the reporter found that the store sold a variety of water purifiers everywhere. In Yantai Road, a water purifier store, the shop owner Mr. Zhang is being repaired water purifier for the member of the public. "I am water purifier is bought from the Internet, the owner said to be imported, but bought back in less than six months on the filter blocked." To repair water purifier Sun told reporters, before the shop owner says can warranty, but after problems arise, how could not find aftermarket repair shops, and shop before the sale regardless of the matter.


"Mr. Suns problem is very common today." Mr. Zhang said, many people buy cheaper onlineBuy a water purifier, but could not repair the problem, find the store maintenance, repairs often cost than water purifier prices even higher.


to be careful to buy, maintenance is more important


For many people want to buy a water purifier but do not know how to choose the situation, Zhang said, first go to a regular supermarket or entity store purchase, in accordance with the characteristics of the north water, you can use RO water purifier, filtered out of the water to drink, but with some other water filter may result in water quality more rigid, leading to decline in terms of taste and so on.


"A lot of water purifiers claim to have the last filter, you can add rear minerals, such minerals added back for weak digestive system is not suitable for the elderly and children." Zhang warned Road, in the purchase of such household water purifier, the water quality may be selected to filter dual water purifier.


for the maintenance of water purifiers, Mr. Zhang reminded the public water purifier replacement filter regularly is necessary, water purifier filter is generally replaced once a year, not only to extend the life of the water purifier, but also to to ensure water effect.

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