You know, these water purifiers it Maintenance

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浣犵煡閬撲箞杩欎簺鍑€姘村櫒淇濆吇鏂规硶鍚? width= water purifier as a fashion of healthy green products have been into the household, many friends at home choices are the big brands, reputation loud water purifier. However, water purification machines have always maintenance to continue to play its magic water purification, lets take a look at water purification machines Maintenance it.

After installation do not move freely

   Some users in the use of the product, where the need to put water purifier where to move to, did not move the product is not water several times, and this is because the net internal water heater parts are each linked by a joint, often moving may cause damage to the inside of each water purifier accessories, so that the machine can not operate.

   regularly cleaned

   Before using the home water purifier, the user is able to open the first faucet, washing ten minutes. After a period, if the water purifier started becoming clouded water quality, it is necessary to disable the machine, then the home water purifier filter housing opens, and will see the dirty filter cartridge shell, after washed with water in a put something. Then turn on the machine to continue to use. The benefit of this: to ensure household water purifier water production health, prolong product use time and extend the life of the filter element and internal permeable membrane.

   periodically replace the filter membrane and the permeate

   Household water purification filter in multiple stages, and life-permeable membrane and the permeable membrane cartridge are different. Filter life between 3-12 months, and permeable membranes lifespan in 1-- 2 years. If you find that more and more turbid water production, and the clear filter or permeable membrane is still the same, it would be to replace the filter or on behalf of a permeable membrane in the process of using the product. In general business to sell products to customers when the customers will tell permeable membrane filter and the life of this point to keep in mind.

   not to deliberately change the machine

   household water purifier net amount of water every day and the configuration of the pressure tank is directly related to pressure barrels stored water is used to purify water, in the use of the product process, we must be careful not to over-water purifier and drinking water production can only meet part of their family. Do not feel too little water production due to deliberately change the machine.

   Remember to let the device rest when not in use

   water purifier after use has been in working condition, when we do not need a machine for a long time in the water, it is best to turn off the power, close the inlet water ball, make the product offinterest. This machine is very useful, it can extend machine life.

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