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With the rapid economic development, peoples living standards rising, health consciousness also increases, more and more families are concerned about the safety of drinking water, which greatly boosted the sales of home water purifier. However, faced with the complex category of water purifier brand, hard to pronounce difficult to understand the technical parameters, many consumers unable to start, how to choose a suitable water purifier is still a problem. Today small teach to select three Raiders home water purifier.




also has a large selection purifier cheats these three Raiders Remember


Raiders: preference filtering techniques suitable for local water quality condition

   [ 123] the moment, Chinas rapid industrialization and pollution of water bodies so that gradually worsened, in which the heavy metal pollution of drinking water has become the biggest hidden dangers. There are on the market microfiltration, ultrafiltration, reverse osmosis filtration several mainstream technology, wherein a higher filtration accuracy of reverse osmosis technology, in addition to effectively filter the water of bacteria, viruses, water, alkali, organic substances and other harmful impurities, can be more effectively filter out heavy metals and antibiotics, so that water is more healthy. Therefore, many water purifier category, reverse osmosis water purifier is the most effective solutions for Chinas current water quality problems. The Consumers Association has a similar consumer tips: "Now the water purifier on the market are microfiltration, ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis are several in which the filter effect of reverse osmosis water purifier best, can actually filter out heavy metals, so that the water becomes safer. "


   Raiders II: to compare water purification filter life and productivity


   At present, conventional reverse osmosis water purification water purification yield is set too low on the market, only there are about 33%, could easily lead to waste of water resources, not energy saving. If the clean water output rate is set too high, it will lead to shortened life of the reverse osmosis membrane. Every consumer wants clean water output rate at the same time, filter life as long as possible, so that the average annual cost will be reduced accordingly.


   Raiders three: depends on the brand, the brand service quality assurance


   in the selection of reverse osmosis water purifier, the brand is very important. Currently on the market quite a mixed bag of reverse osmosis water purifier, big brand quality service with strong technical strength is more reliable, more secure, the indicators are supporting the test report. Recommended preference on the market sales of top-ranking brand, will sell well prove a lot of consumers of these brands.


   Quality HealthLive, themselves, I want every family to compare the right to choose their own water purification machines through rational.


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