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   at 15:30 on December 28th, 2012, in the Central Plains town of Qionghai City, nine river high school, a group of students toward physical education just under the playground, not far from cafeteria door, in a few taps front in a team. They turned on the tap switch, bow drink the water out of the inside.


"This is our schools drinking water faucet. This is the only big city thing Yeah, who would have thought we can also use a township junior high school on." Jian-Xing Wu looked at the headmaster children face He could not conceal his joy of hanging on.


Jian-Xing Wu has served as a junior high school in this 9-year principal. In the past more than eight years, more than 400 school drinking water problem of teachers and students, had been the pressure in his heart a stone.


Because of the regions water containing iron and manganese exceeded, the schools saliva 3 wells, only two access to surface water wells supplying drinking water can barely teachers and students, in addition to a deep well because well water is too turbid , can only cope wash purposes.


"We used to buy school are drinking bottled water, tap water always have shares smell, not drinking." Business Rong is the schools third-year student. Before more than two years, she almost does not drink well water with boiling water to burn out. In order to ensure drinking water safety of teachers and students, the school can only buy bottled water, they had to spend four or five million per year for this purpose.


In March last year, in order to improve river water problem nine high school teachers and students, Qionghai City, the "membrane" well-being of rural drinking water project to introduce this school, ultrafiltration worlds advanced level of technology, well water purification treatment. After a month of installation and commissioning, nine Jiang secondary school teachers and students finally to drink safe water.


In the next school cafeteria, a small modern high membrane water purification stations, the motor producing a low roar. A set ofLiters ultrafiltration membrane module is automatically running. The well water turbidity after precipitation, removal of heavy metals, filter layers step BACTERIA eventually become pure drinking water supplied to the teachers and students through a pipe.


"treated water quality in line with the countrys new drinking water health standards, is safe to drink no problem." Jian-Xing Wu said that well water is processed through this technology, the secret lies in PVC alloy capillary ultrafiltration membrane. "This film is very small, only one ten thousandth of hair, can be bacterial, germs are filtered out. Methods of physical treatment technology, do not add any pharmaceutical, more secure. Cost is very low, only need to deal with a ton of water 0.6 yuan. "


" I heard that the school can drink water directly, my mother more at ease. every time I go home before she would let me come to school with a large pot of water to drink. "business Rong said.


"There, now do the laundry will not turn yellow." Business Rong classmates ESSAYS put a sentence in the side.


in Qionghai, such as the nine river middle school teachers and students to get rid of as well as 10 other villagers villages drinking water problem. Last year, Qionghai City invested more than 400 million in 10 villages of the Central Plains, stone walls, and other towns in Wanquan school and an introduction of the "membrane" well-being of rural drinking water projects, there are 27,000 people benefited. (Newspaper Jiaji electrically January 5)

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