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with the deterioration of air quality in recent years, the country haze serious, fog and haze in more pollutants, not only easy to spread the virus, but also harm peoples health. So, for the haze hazards, prevention methods, what does?


1. Go out less


reduce out to be the most effective self-protection measures. According to the International Journal of Epidemiology PM2.5 top epidemiological studies related to the environment and health researcher at Peking University researcher at the Center for Advanced Interdisciplinary Studies "American Journal of Epidemiology" published in 2012 in Xian Huang Wei, who did, the exclusion of age, sex, time effect and meteorological factors and other factors after, when the PM2.5 concentration for each additional 103 micrograms / cubic meter, the excess risk of death all residents of the cause of death will increase 2.29%, the lag time in 1-2 days. The higher increase in cardiovascular disease, excess mortality risk, was 3.08%. If you must go out, do not ride a bike, to avoid peak traffic congestion, and drove many roads, avoid inhaling more chemical ingredients. Its best not to open private cars, and more use of public transport, in order to reduce PM2.5 contribute.


2. Wearing masks out


If a mask can wear out, which can effectively prevent dust particles from entering the body. Cotton masks masks with the best, because some people are allergic to non-woven fabrics, cotton masks while most people are not allergic, but also easy to clean. In addition to the selected common masks for masks airborne particles 2.5 microns is substantially achieve any effect, need to be blocked medical PM2.5 N95 mask, a particle of 0.3 micron can withstand 95%, the weather can also PM2.5 burst table play a certain effect. To buy regular qualified, with his face to match the size of the N95 mask, after removing the inside to wait until after the drying of moisture folded masks to prevent breathing let bacteria. Wearing time not too long, the elderly, and people should avoid wearing cardiovascular disease, so as not to cause dizziness and difficulty breathing.


3. Good personal hygiene


After go into the room to be promptly wash, mouth, nasal cavity being cleared upon removing pollution accompanying residue,PM2.5 in order to prevent harm to the human body. Best to wash your face with warm water, which will help wash the particles face. With a clean cotton swab dampened with water can be repeatedly washed clean up the nose, or nose repeatedly absorb water and quickly blow your nose gently, while avoiding choking. In addition to cleaning up the face, the body exposed part should be cleaned.


4. The fog and haze small window


Experts said the haze, try not to open the window. Does require window ventilation, they should try to avoid haze morning and evening rush hour, the windows can be opened a crack ventilation, the duration of each half-hour to one hour is appropriate. Meanwhile, at home, with air conditioning heating residents should pay attention to window ventilation to ensure adequate indoor oxygen. Can in their own balconies, terraces, indoor plant more plants, green radish, evergreen, tiger Piran and other green leafy plant crown, because of its large leaves, adsorption capacity is relatively strong. You can also use an air cleaner, 80% of the market are of the air purifier to purify air in the fine particles based on good adsorption PM2.5, but pay attention when using the filter element frequently changes.


5. Light diet drink plenty of water


in fog and light digestible diet should choose foods rich in vitamins, more water, eat more fresh vegetables and fruits, so not only can complement each vitamins and inorganic salts, but also play the role of lungs in addition to dry, cough expectorant, spleen and kidney. Eat less spicy food, eat more pear, loquat, oranges, oranges and other food phlegm clearing the lungs.


6. Adequate vitamin D


this season fog, less sunshine, due to insufficient ultraviolet radiation, lack of vitamin D in the human body generates, some people will have mental laziness, depression and other phenomena , if necessary, add some vitamin D. A

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