Water purifier you most concned about seval issues

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   "drinking water" in everyday life is naturally essential, from age to drink boiled water with the popularity of bottled water fountains and finally to household water purifiers. The amount, it is also very mature technology for many years but have not been able to popularize it. After the second water supply pipeline pollution, toxic barrels and bottled water events such as foreign body have been raking, household water purifier is also imperative. Xiao Bian visited the market found that the public line to clean water or a lack of understanding approved only reluctantly channels. That issue you care about most tidy up a few small series.

   Q: water purifier is really useful

   A:? Tradition can only boil water to kill viruses and bacteria in the water, but the water purifier not only effectively filter out bacteria in the water and viruses, from large sediment particles to small molecular ions, leaving only a small amount through the water and small molecules, compared to boil water more thorough sterilization, the water directly to drink more at ease, and most of the water purifier all with heating thermostat function. So convenient security.


   Q: It is necessary to install a water purifier or pipeline placeholder, home decoration good can hold it

   A:? Think ahead before the decoration is of course the ideal state a. But it does not matter a good decoration. Just need a little space for a water purifier host under the sink on the line. Does not affect the use of the kitchen after the original installation, does not destroy the original decoration. This installation has the best master professional installation, installation principles refer to the diagram. Now the market popular free installation of water purifiers can contact small series.

   water purifier, you are most concerned about several issues

   Q:! Went to see the price of water purification products on the market are generally three thousand to four thousand or five thousand. And some imported brands is seven thousand or eight thousand or even tens of thousands. Not the average family can afford. ? Is not too expensive (hei) point

   A: Hey, small series can not say here because the water compared to those derived from illness alarmist, then the relative maturity of the white, the water purifier! the price is really outrageous, Xiao Bian also emotionally.

   First of all, according to their own needs to choose the type of water purifiers, water purifiers on the kind of do not start talking about here, you can get to know the next can contact small series or continuing concern later in the article. Do not blindly believe these inflated prices, can recommend online and offline price comparison choose the right models and prices.

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