Ultrafiltration reverse osmosis water purifi PK, in the end

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In recent years, as peoples attention to healthy drinking water, water purifiers become a common household water purification appliances, and many consumers are on the net the effect of water ideal ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis water purifier two products are very interested, but they are often difficult choices in the purchase, will want in the end is ultrafiltration or reverse osmosis water purifier good good machine, there are differences between how the two?




   different from


   1 works

is a reverse osmosis water using a reverse osmosis membrane technology, it works for water applying a certain pressure, so that water molecules and mineral elements in the plasma state by a reverse osmosis membrane, most of the inorganic salts dissolved in water and isolated, as well as heavy metals and bacteria, etc., to achieve separately purified water and harmful water.




UF water purification using the ultrafiltration technique. Ultrafiltration is a screening process, the pressure difference across the membrane from the driving force. To membrane as the filter medium, at a certain pressure, when the water flows through the surface of the film, the surface of the dense membrane of many small pores allow only water and small molecules passed into the permeate, while larger than the membrane surface of the microporous material will be shut off so that they become concentrated liquid, so as to achieve the purpose of purifying raw water, and separation.



   2 different advantages

Water can be a variety of reverse osmosis water to remove harmful impurities, better taste of the water, can reduce the water hardness, the container does not have a scale boiler. The ultrafiltration water purifiers usually do not require a pump, not power, municipal water used in normal water pressure on the line. To retain minerals and trace elements in the water.



   3 different shortcomings

confidential use of reverse osmosis water pumps need electricity, the price will be high relative ultrafiltration water purifier little chance. Ultrafiltration water purifier machine no strong effect of removing chemical contaminants in water and scale.




In general, ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis water purifiers are each have their own advantages, and did not say which is better, this is mainly to keep up, according to local water quality to determine the use, in fact,Water purification effect both have their own advantages, regardless of the purchase ultrafiltration or reverse osmosis water purifier, the main thing is to protect the health of household drinking water.

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