Three methods of water purification installion simple and pr

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   There are several water purifier Category: wall, as well as pure water tank, a water purifier mounted three methods are not the same, but are relatively simple. Now, Xiao Bian brief installation of these three water purifier.




three installation methods simple and practical water purifier (picture from the network)

   1 tank water purifier detailed installation steps

   1. first sluice closed, to find a suitable location of the tap water installation. And the three-way ball valve is mounted in this position stainless steel, PE pipe and then connected together with the ball valve port Purificant purification.

   2. The seal ultra filter removed ultrafiltration apparatus mounted on the cabinet of the water purifier with a filter wrench to tighten.

   3. By PE pipe connecting port and flushing water purifier with red ball, plug in the power of the water purifier, the ball valve begins to open the flushing.

   4. Rinse the like flowing into the black water without water purifier tank when installation is complete.

   Second, the wall-mounted water purifier detailed installation steps

   1. The wall-mounted water purification process of the first step in the same cabinet mounting step of the water purifier.

   2. mounted on a gooseneck faucet vegetables basin, and with a PE pipe with its outlet connected to the water purifier.

   3. Plug wall-mounted water purifier power, open sluice, unscrew the gooseneck faucet flushing, water does not flow out to the taste of alcohol, can not black.

   Third, water machine water purifier detailed installation steps

   1. The sluice is closed, the water in the pipe are exhausted.

   2. Remove the faucet into the water, the water inlet pipe tee mounted on both sides plugged with a rubber gasket and tighten with a wrench.

   3. The compression carbon, granular activated carbon, PP cotton placed in a flask which was filtered, and the filtrate tighten cap.

   4. By PE pipe with the water inlet valve according to a first stage bucket filter inlet connection, with a waterproof tape wraps interface, will check the seepage phenomenon.

   5. Plugged in pure water, the sluice is opened and the flushing water pipe installed parts, until clarity is washed out of the water clear.

   6. Finally vegetables basin onMarked with a small groove, the gooseneck faucet mounted on the groove and to fix it with PE connection port gooseneck faucet water inlet and a water outlet connected to the machine.

   The water purifier placed in different positions, select a different type of water purifier. In addition, before installing a water purifier but also water pressure test, housekeeping water pressure can not meet the operational requirements of the water purifier. Not too hard when screwing with a wrench, put the screws bad. The above method is to install three water purifier, hope can help to you.

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