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  Quan water purification

   drink tap water Note

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   tap water taste how do water even after processing, but will continue to exist? taste, especially when just cooked taste more pronounced. So what precautions have to drink tap water it? Vigilant morning "dead killer"

   to disable a night of taps and water pipes in the vicinity of the water is stationary. The water faucet metals and metal wall of the chamber and generate hydration reaction to form a metal polluted water, tap water and the residual microorganisms will then multiply. According to the analysis, this water contains harmful substances, not suitable for drinking, brushing teeth should not be used to rinse the mouth. Physician suggests that people, after the morning unscrew the tap, this harmful "dead" should be let go, about turn on the water after a few liters (over a basin), then water before use.



   drink after boiling tap water despite the health quality of tap water in line with national health standards, but the best drink tap water without boiling, because tap water is drinking water, rather than direct consumption water, there is a huge difference between the two. Also, after boiling place more than 24 hours of water not for drinking. Repeatedly refused to drink boiled water after repeatedly boiled water is not suitable for drinking, such as high concentrations of nitrite in water. Often drink this water will cause nitrite poisoning; scale often enter the body with water, can also cause digestive, nervous, urinary and hematopoietic system diseases, and even cause premature aging. Do not drink boiled water has not been completely Experts point out that regular drinking is not completely boiled water, suffering from bladder cancer, 21% to 38% probability of colorectal cancer. Because tap water of harmful bacteria must reach 100 degrees Celsius in order to be completely killed.

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