What is the future development trend ofhwater industry

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   environmental problems by the masses of attention, the rapid development of water purification industry, thriving vitality so that thousands of people feel better convenience and safe drinking water. From the "barbaric growth" to "force fed" precise and efficient water purifier era of intelligent manufacturing value service system being fully open.


   market growth

   market growth is one of the main features of the new normal water purifier new blue ocean from the past to the current market value of tens of billions. According to Ovid cloud network news previously reported, only in the first half of 2017, total sales of water purifiers more than 10 billion yuan, an increase of nearly 29%. Either from the field or from the wastewater treatment industry sector in terms of household water purifiers, water purification industry market has already begun to take shape. From the point of view of home appliances to water purifiers, air purifiers, represented by the emerging electrical appliances are becoming "just need time." In recent years the public to change drinking habits, but also reflects the upgrading water purifier structure.

   to enhance the brand concentration

   to enhance the brand concentration is another important aspect of the new normal water purifier. In terms of industry bodies, water purifier market demand strengthened, water treatment equipment manufacturing level rise, water purifiers become a "fifth-largest appliance." At the same time, water treatment equipment, membrane equipment industries showing high growth continuous trend, reflecting new momentum to accelerate growth and improve the level of development of water treatment equipment. In terms of domestic and external demand, consumption has become the main driver of growth in the water purifier, the ratio between consumption and investment tends to be reasonable, and ultimately increase public demand for water purifiers play a role in boosting.

   old and new converts kinetic energy

   In recent years, water purification products, filters, membrane equipment technological transformation investment grew faster than the overall investment, indicating that the pace of technological innovation in water purifier to accelerate, reflecting the net water heater business to meet market demand and enhance its own brand and upgrading efforts, especially in new industries, new formats, new business models brought new momentum to accelerate growth, to promote the conversion of kinetic energy of old and new water purifier.

   As large flux, intelligent industrial ecology is becoming a main trend of the future water purifier market. From the pattern of development of water purification industry point of view, water purifiers will be in the low carbon environmental protection, health and safety and brand. As at present, the brand of water purifier is mainly reflected in three aspects, namely have accurate and efficient purification of the kernel, stable constant operating effectiveness, as well as significant water-saving efficiency. Domestic institutions had preMeasurement, water purification in the next five years to join the industry compound annual growth rate will exceed 25%, and the whole industry chain will create a one hundred billion annual level of capital "cake" in the future.

   going around the market reshuffle water purifier. As for the outcome, the outcome is not divided. But it can be expected that, with the further improvement of the market environment, maturity and expansion of industrial markets, water purifier companies will produce a new "unicorn", a new dynamic and powerful brands. Companies already in the market should also follow the trend, improve product quality and service, toward a better direction.

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